Le Butcherettes
Sister Crayon
Eureka the Butcher
September 20, 2015
The Observatory Orange County


Arriving a few hours to obtain free parking, I killed time going on social media.  I ended up posting an Instagram post of my ticket stub which Le Butcherettes’ Instagram page later reposted and followed me. Getting bored waiting in my car, I went outside to stand in line for the show. Inside the venue I ended up near the front of the stage. As the venue began to fill up this woman next to me started to chat with me. Turns out she and her friend came from Rancho Cucamonga to see this venue, but were clueless about the opening bands. As we chatted Eureka the Butcher made his way to his equipment on stage. His entire half an hour performance consisted of him DJing and just grooving to the music. This disappointed me as I expected him to actually perform. Before I knew it his set was over with and he was off the stage.

Less than half an hour later the second band took the stage; Sister Crayon. The all black clothed members entered the stage setting up for what would be a mesmerizing performance. The lead singer took the mic commanding the entire room as she sang. Before each song though, she told a brief story on the inspiration that came in creating the track. Listening to these stories made the songs more personal as you got the behind the scenes of how they were created. The lead singer of the band put in a lot of raw emotion into her performance. She controlled and owned the stage with every word that came out of her mouth. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t understand half of the words she sang, but I was mesmerized by her stage presence. I’ve never quite seen a singer get so emotionally invested in their performance as she did. It was a sight that I will not forget anytime soon. The bands sound was unique, hard to put in words exactly. Engaging with the crowd added to the excitement that everyone in the room had. There was a fan near the front that took out his hat, waving it the lead singer trying to get her attention. It worked as she took the hat wearing it for the duration of a song. Upon finishing the song, she gave the man back his hat. It would be another half hour before the last band hit the stage.

When Le Butcherettes made their presence on the stage that was the moment when the crowd got crazy. The members came out on stage wearing similarly themed red outfits that represented their raw passion and love of music. Lead singer Teri Gender Bender possess this strong charisma about her when performing. Just like the band before, she bought strong emotional energy into her performance. One of my favorite moments was when a person in the crowd started chanting “Mexico! Mexico! Mexico!” All the Spanish speaking Latinos started chanting which happily surprised Teri. She smiled with glee and chanted it back to the excited Latinos fans. Loved seeing the confused faces that the white fans were making when this was going on. Standout performance was “Demon In Your Eye, that was the strongest performance filled with strong burst of energy. The other stand out was “Henry which had everyone in the room singing along in the top of their lungs. Throughout the whole set the band kept up their high strong energy and by the end they were drenched in sweat. Teri jumped into the crowd at the end as everyone partaken in the excitement of the band. Still they played strongly until the end of the night and ended on a high note.

Le Butcherettes Setlist
1. Burn The Scab
2. Demon Stuck In Your Eye
3. Devil Loved
4. They Fuck You Over
5. Sick Of You
6. Boulders
7. Shave The Pride
8. Witchless C Spot
9. Stab My Back
10. Leibniz Language
11. Bang!
12. We No Owe
13. Sold Less Than Gold
14. Weakness Gives Me Life
15. Henry
16. La Uva


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Trivial Notes

  • 6th concert at The Observatory, Santa Ana.
  • Only female fronted band I saw during 2015.
  • In the main room Panteon Rococo was playing, would see them 10 months later.
  • Eureka the Butcher was a disappointment as I expected him to perform not DJ.
  • This was one of the worst crowds at a concert that I ever attended. Once the main band came on stage that’s when the people in the back pushed and shoved their way trying to get into the front. One woman in the crowd kept trying to make her way in front of me so I stood still and had my elbows in the way. She finally got the hint and left after 10 minutes. After a while later another woman with her boyfriend just pushed and shoved their way to the front. I get that you like the band but don’t be an assshole by pushing people around.
  • Due to my distaste for the crowd it would be six months before I would attend another concert at the venue. I also didn’t try to get a photo with the band or get signed album at the end because I didn’t want to be around the crowd anymore.