No Duh
November 28, 2014
House of Blues Anaheim


I invited a friend of mine who earlier in the summer had gotten me into Disneyland for free; this was one of my ways of thanking him.  Anyways, we carpooled to the show together, but arrived there an hour before doors open. We walked around the Downtown Disney area looking in shops as well as people watch. After a good while of killing time we decided to go back to the House of Blues to get in line. Upon settling in our spot, my friend and I started talking with one another as the venue started to get crowded. We were both surprised that there were a lot of people at the venue tonight since it was Black Friday. After waiting around an hour, the curtains opened to reveal the first band of the night; blink-180TRUE. I was completely surprised to see them there because their name wasn’t on the ticket stub. Anyways, it didn’t matter to me because I did like blink-182 and was excited to see what this band had to offer.

Blink-180TRUE turned out to be a fun tribute band. The band members acted in the same manner as the original band in the beginning of their career; sort of that immature skater guy persona. In between song performances the two guitarists would make crack jokes and banter with one another. That added humor made their performance extremely more fun and exciting. The band started things off with “Feeling This”. In between songs there was a heckler in the crowd that kept yelling for them to get off the stage and for No Duh to get on. The guy did that for about half an hour, but finally stopped towards the second half of their performance. Back to the band, their best performance of the night was “First Date”. That performance was so energetic and spot on. The whole crowd got into it and sang along to the chorus; I ended up having that song stuck in my head for weeks. I was in pure bliss when “All The Small Things” and “What’s My Age Again?” were performed. I grew up listening to Enema of the State and this bought me back to my Middle School years. The band closed their set with “Dammit”, which was a perfect end to that their performance of the night. As far as I’m concerned, they ended things on a high note and were a great tribute band. I would enjoy seeing them again sometime in the near future.

It would be another half hour before No Duh hit the stage. Once they did, the whole crowd was incredibly loud with excitement. The band delivered an amazing, fun performance of No Doubt’s hits! Being a No Doubt fan for over 10 years this was a huge treat. All of the band members got into their respected roles especially the Gwen and Tony of the band. It was so hilarious seeing the banter between those two! I truly enjoyed it, especially the charisma that the lead singer possessed. She was truly memorable and had this strong energetic presence that she bought to stage.  For me the best performance that the band did was “Hollaback Girl”. I know it’s not a No Doubt song, but that was such a fun performance. In the middle of the set a guy dressed up as a banana came out to the middle of the stage and started to dance around; it was so funny. Upon performing “Bathwater”, bubbles started to come out off the stage. That effect created a great atmosphere for that song. Other memorable songs that they performed included “Hella Good”, “Simple Kind of Life”, and “Trapped In A Box”. Now during around the middle of their set a fight broke out to the left near the bar. Also towards the end of No Duh’s setlist, I saw the members of blink-180TRUE in the crowd. I thought that was pretty cool that they were out there supporting the other band. Also towards the end, the lead singer came up to the stage and gave this little girl next to me a drum stick. That was a fun show; I would definitely jump at the chance of going to see No Duh again if that opportunity presents itself once again.

No Duh Setlist (Incomplete)
1. Trapped In A Box
2. Saw Red
3. Hella Good
4. Bathwater
5. Simple Kind of Life
6. Spiderwebs
7. Hollaback Girl

blink-180TRUE Setlist
1. Feelin This
2. Rock Show
3. Aliens
4. Pathetic
5. Going Away To College
6. Dumpweed
7. Don’t Leave Me
8. First Date
9. Wendy Clear
10. Anthem Part 2
11. All The Small Things
12. Carousel
13. Josie
14. What’s My Age Again?
15. Dammit

Trivial Notes

  • 1st concert at the House of Blues, Anaheim.
  • Viewed a fight near the bar where one woman pushed another woman’s in the face causing her to fall.
  • My first free concert; got tickets from a meeting I attended at CSUF.