El Nuevo Conjunto Ola
Manantial De Fuego
April 1, 2016
The Rose Pasadena


The first opening band was Manantial De Fuego, a Rock en Español band from Hesperia. The band proved to be lively and expressed lots of passion in their performance. The infectious rhythms and upbeat dance tones got the audience dancing. The lead singer had a charismatic quality about him, when he started singing he owned that stage. The other band members contained that same passion as the lead singer and created a lively atmosphere. The band themselves seemed to be having a fun time on stage which made their performance that more enjoyable. It was clear that Ozomatli played a large influence on them as they have the same flare as them. Unfortunately the band performed a few songs before being asked to get off the stage. After performing what would be their last song the employee told them they had to get off stage as they were going to go over their allocated time. To the disappointment of the audience they left the stage. Favorite song from them was Layla, the catchiest and liveliest song that was performed.

20 minutes later the next band took the stage; El Nuevo Conjunto Ola. Seeing them preform a few months prior I knew what to expect from this cumbia cover band. Setting  up all the instruments quickly the band came on stage starting quickly. Regardless, the band gave yet another lively, energetic performance that proved to be eccentric. Their cumbia take on pop songs got the audience dancing, swaying as the night went on. During the second song one of the guitarists got off stage, walked around the audience to the excitement of everyone. The lead singer playfully bantered with the audience making jokes as well as getting the audience engaged by clapping to the beats. Outside the roped off area the shoppers along with passerby stopped to enjoy the free concert presented to them. On the right of the stage there was a two story restaurant with the guests on the second floor watching below the balcony. For a paid show that people spent good money on, there were more people enjoying it for free. The last performance saw the band members jumped into the crowd giving one last hurrah.

During the next half hour while the stage was being set for Ozomatli, the projection screen at the back of the stage turned on and displayed trivial facts of the band. As the facts flashed on the screen it soon transitioned to a video that had Antonio Villaraigosa, Gabriel Iglesias, Margaret Cho, among others who congratulated the band on their 21st anniversary. As the video ended the bands members made their way on stage to the excitement of everyone. The band members entered the stage one by one each at least wearing some type of black clothing. Like a firework explosion the bands performance started out with a boom! Justin Porée was first on stage getting the audience pumped up for what would be an hour of excitement. As the other members of the band took their turns singing lead on their amazing hits a tango couple appeared on stage. The man dressed all in white while the woman wore a beautiful yellow dress. The two of them danced, twirled, and tangoed behind the band not missing a beat. What could be said about the band that hasn’t been said before? They always have fun on stage, get everyone pumped up, and best of all get you dancing to the beat. For the next 80 minutes it was a nonstop Ozomatli party that I wish never stopped. The performances of “Saturday Night” and “45” are the ones that I look forward to at every concert. In addition to these songs being my favorite from Ozomatli’s catalog, can’t help but sing along and get lost in the groove. Towards the end the female tango dancer came on stage carrying a birthday cake that had HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY written in frosting. Should be noted that there was an Instagram contest with the winner having the opportunity to go on stage and jam with the band during their last song. Entered the contest but another individual won the contest instead. The winner and a female companion of his went on stage getting to play with them on stage. As the last song came to an end, the band members left the stage and joined the audience in the general admission area. I got one of the best views as the band got into a circle in front of me and jammed with us. Soon the band finished, but hanged around towards the merchandise table taking photos and signing autographs for the fans.

Trivial Notes

  • 1st concert at The Rose.
  • 3rd time seeing Ozomatli.
  • Took a picture with Wil-Dog Abers.
  • First tickets that I bought through Goldstars.
  • An hour before the doors opened I received an email stating that the location of the venue had changed to the Paseo Plaza located right outside.