Never Shout Never
Metro Station
Jule Vera
January 20, 2016
House of Blues, Anaheim


Never expected to see this band, but never say never (bad puns out of the way). Five hours before doors opened I learned I won an Instagram contest to receive free tickets. As I worked in Santa Ana at the time, attending the concert worked perfectly in my schedule. I entered the venue at 8:00 pm missing the entire performances of Waterparks and Jule Vera. Waterparks is a rock band  formed in 2011 in Houston, Texas having released three EP’s at that time. Jule Vera are an Alabama based pop rock quintet who formed in 2013. I did however catch the last few minutes of Metro Station’s performance. Metro Station are a 2006 pop rock band formed in Los Angeles consisting of Trace Cyrus (Miley Cyrus older brother) and Mason Musso. The band’s performance of “Shake It” wound out to be the most memorable performance of the evening. After a moment I realized why this song sounded familiar to me. It played during The House Bunny, a film I watched in the theaters since I didn’t have an ID to go see The Pineapple Express. The audience’s enthusiasm went uncontrolled as screams engulfed the venue. Screams dominated every performance that evening no matter how terrible the performance. I expected it since the majority of the individuals who attended were teenage girls.

Among the fans that were there that evening happened to be a woman I went to high school with. She didn’t seem to change one bit, listening to the same type of music. I had no intentions of interacting with her, but was surprised she haven’t matured in those six years. Oh well, some people just don’t change at all. Well after waiting a few minutes, the main band of the night hit the stage. Never Shout Never are a rock band formed in 2007 from  the state of Missouri. This is one of those bands that you listen to back in middle school fondly, but might be embarrassing to disclose to others once older. I never listened to the band until that night and don’t plan to listen to them ever again. Their songs aren’t the best in my opinion; borderline dull and boring. Once I saw the lead singer come on stage wearing a grey hoodie, I could tell what I was going to experience; a bland performance (which it was). The only time I paid attention during their performance is when they covered The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army”. Through the night the fans shouted loudly barely able to contain their excitement. This puzzled me as the band’s performance is one the most tedious I’ve ever seen. Through the night a person wearing a black cat costume with three eyes would dance energetically from time to time.  Most of the songs sounded like typical pop rock songs that didn’t make them distinct or special. Well at least this show was for free, I would never pay to see this band at all.

Never Shout Never Setlist
1. Piggy Bank
2. California
3. Trouble
4. On The Brightside
5. Black Cat
6. Seven Nation Army
7. Coffee and Cigarettes
8. Red Balloon
9. Imagine
10. Sweet Perfection
11. I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know
12. Ladybug
13. Lost At Sea
14. Time Travel

Metro Station Setlist
1. Control
2. She Likes Girls
3. Kelsey
4. Seventeen Forever
5. Love & Wat
6. Married in Vegas
7. Shake It
8. Getting Over You

Trivial Notes

  • 18th concert at the House of Blues, Anaheim.
  • 1st time seeing Never Shout Never.
  • 1st time seeing Metro Station.
  • Yahoo! streamed the performance online live.