Never Shout Never at House of Blues Anaheim

Never Shout Never
Metro Station
Jule Vera
January 20, 2016
House of Blues, Anaheim


Never expected to see this band, but never say never (had to do it). Learned 5 hours before doors opened that I won an Instagram contest to see them. Being in the Santa Ana for work, it worked out perfectly in my schedule. After work I arrived around 8:00 pm missing the performances of both Waterparks and Jule Vera. I did however catch the last few minutes of Metro Station who gave an entertaining performance. Their performance of Shake It happened to be the most memorable of the entire night. The audience’s enthusiasm was the highest at that performance as everybody in the venue was pumped up. The lead singer’s charisma pumped up the crowd getting everybody moving around. Soon the band left the stage as laughter and chatter filled the area.

After sometime the main band of the night hit the stage. Unfortunately they did not catch my interest, but then again wasn’t expecting them to. The only time I remotely paid attention was when they did a cover song from The White Stripes. The audience was going crazy of the band but I couldn’t figure why. The lead singer throughout the band’s performance wore a grey hoodie which seemed so odd to me considering that it was hot inside. One interesting tibbit was that Yahoo! was streaming the whole performance on their website. The opening song Piggy Bank got the whole crowd excited, while for the second song California had everyone singing along. In between every song performance there was always a woman from the crowd yelling at the top of their lungs “I Love You!” The atmosphere turned somber with On The Brightside and Black Cat but kicked things up with Seven Army Nation. In the middle of the latter song a guy wearing the black cat mascot costume appeared on stage playing guitar. That was mildly amusing as it was totally unexpected.  For me the next few songs didn’t seem that memorable, sounded like typical pop rock songs. The corny jokes in between songs seemed too force to be funny at all. The next song that caught a bit of my interest was the cover of Imagine which was OK to say the most. During the middle of the performance of Sweet Perfection was when I decided to call it a night.

Never Shout Never Setlist
1. Piggy Bank
2. California
3. Trouble
4. On The Brightside
5. Black Cat
6. Seven Nation Army
7. Coffee and Cigarettes
8. Red Balloon
9. Imagine
10. Sweet Perfection
11. I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know
12. Ladybug
13. Lost At Sea
14. Time Travel

Metro Station Setlist
1. Control
2. She Likes Girls
3. Kelsey
4. Seventeen Forever
5. Love & Wat
6. Married in Vegas
7. Shake It
8. Getting Over You

Trivial Notes

  • 18th concert at the House of Blues, Anaheim.

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