Ben Rector
Gavin James
March 17, 2016
Fonda Theater


Upon entering the venue I was completely taken back in awe in how magnificently beautiful the venue is. It turned out to be bigger than I had expected, but the surprising aspect was the decorations; the murals on the wall, the chandeliers, the couches in the lobby area, among other decorations. Basking at the beauty of the venue people started to trickle in to the general admission area. Ben Rector was currently on tour for The Brand New Tour promoting his new album.

Gavin James turned out to be an entertaining and hilarious musician. He had a humorous anecdote for every song that he performed. He was a talented singer that captivated everyone’s attention in the venue. The stand out performance of his was For You, the funniest performance of the night. During the performance of his last song he jumped into the crowd playing his guitar and taking selfies with fans. The only bad part of his performance was that it was too short! The best aspect of his performance was seeing this singer from Ireland perform on St. Patrick’s Day.

Less than an hour later the main act appeared on stage; Ben Rector. Along with four musicians Ben Rector appeared on stage and started jamming to Make Something Beautiful. All of the men on stage were dressed up in suits that made them appear professional, not at all like rock stars. As soon as Ben hit the stage the crowd’s excitement soared as he jammed on stage. He performed my favorite song of his song next Brand New. I can’t help  but feel overjoyed when listening to this carefree song. Though I don’t know all the lyrics to the song I knew enough of the chorus to sing out loud along with the crowd. Just like Gavin James, Ben Rector had humorous antidotes. The best one mentioned was when audience members sing along to his songs. He knows they know the lyrics of the song, but when he looks at them they always seem to freeze up. The funniest though is when a fan in the crowd yelled out that they tweeted Ben hundreds of time but he never replied back to them. Though he does appreciate that they’re a fan of his, he stated that he tends to block users that tweet him constantly. That got the biggest laugh of the night. I have to say Ben Rector was the most charismatic performer that I have ever seen live. He had such a charming personality that it reflected in his performance. The fun continued until sadly I had to leave early. I had an amazing time and hope to see him live again soon.

Ben Reactor Setlist
1. Make Something Beautiful
2. Brand New
3. Favorite Song
4. Never Gonna Let You Go
5. When A Heart Breaks
6. Let The Good Times Roll
7. The Men That Drive Places
8. Fear
9. Paris
10. Forever Like That
11. Steal My Girl
12. Like The World Is Going To End
13. The Beat
14. Follow You

15. White Dress



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Trivial Notes

  • 1st concert at the Fonda Theater.
  • Won tickets a few hours before the concert started so no camera.