Hooray For Our Side
The B Sharps
Page 8
Static Fiction
Gone Avery
Lost in Atlantis
August 30, 2015
House of Blues, Anaheim


For this concert I was notified through Facebook that this was going to be a free concert. Having nothing better to do I decided to attend the show with my sweetheart. We arrived just as the first band was finishing playing. We only saw Lost in Atlantis, Gone Avery, Static Fiction, and Page 8 that night. For some reason this night is a blur to me that I can’t remember it that well at all. I do remember that we saw Lost in Atlantis for a few minutes which I enjoyed. The band that I enjoyed the most in terms of style was Gone Avery who played music more in my style. During most of the concert I was talking to my partner and were just enjoying ourselves. The stand out performance of the night was the cover of Shut Up and Dance With Me. It was the only song that me and my partner recognized  and we had fun dancing along. However as the time went on we got tired of standing around,especially my partner. I myself was starting to get hungry as I skipped out on lunch and needed to eat something. Mostly because of that we left before all of the bands performed for the concert. Regardless of that, we both had fun and the ska music was entertaining. I learned about all of these six bands through this concert and had a blast with my boo so it was fun concert. I do wish that I had a better memory of this show though.

Hooray For Our Side Setlist
1. Find Your Sound
2. Valerie
3. Alive, Aligned
4. Plastic Knives
5. Way Out
6. Wasted/Back To Life
7. Don’t Panic
8. Looking Up
9. Little Windows
10. Sympathetic
11. Come and Get Your Love
12. This Planet Needs A Hero
13. Outatime

Trivial Notes

  • 5th concert at the House of Blues, Anaheim.
  • First concert that I left before seeing the main band.