Big Head Todd & The Monsters
January 23, 2016
House of Blues, Anaheim


Big Head Todd and The Monsters with special guest Mike Doughty  were on their Wipeout Turn and New World Arisin’ tour celebrating their 30th anniversary. I arrived late that night that I missed Mike Doughty’s performance, but was right on time for Big Head Todd and The Monsters. The band mesmerized the crowd from the start with Heart of Wilderness, such a strong opener that created the vibe for the rest of the night. One couldn’t help but sing to the chorus of Broken Hearted Savior even if one didn’t know the lyrics. They even took request playing Flander’s Field; the first song they ever recorded. Lead singer Todd Parker Mohr was an excellent guitar player whose voice is even more soothing in person. His long guitar solos were the highlight of the night as he powered through almost the songs with solos at the end. The whole country-rock atmosphere was new to me, but I enjoyed the vibe. The audience agreed as they screamed with excitement at every song they played. Never listened to an artist play such long songs, each one was at least 5 minutes long! If I was more familiar with the songs I probably would have enjoyed them more. I enjoyed myself and if given the chance would attend another concert of theirs in the future.

Big Head Todd and The Monsters Selist
1. Heart of Wilderness
2. Broken Hearted Savior
3. Please Don’t Tell Her
4. Flander’s Field
5. Imaginary Ships
6. Wipeout Turn
7. It’s Alright
8. Hey Delila
9.  Riviera
10. Sister Sweetly
11. Everything About You
12. Bittersweet
13. Beautiful World/Time Keep on Slippin’
14. Conquistador
15. Cashbox

16. Rocksteady
17. Circles

Trivial Notes

  • 20th concert at House of Blues, Anaheim.
  • This was my 30th concert overall and the band was celebrating their 30th anniversary. Coincidence?
  • Forgot to bring my camera .
  • My last concert before I started a job the next day.