The Contortionist
November 21, 2015
House of Blues, Anaheim


TesseracT was on their Polaris North American tour with The Contortionist, Erra, and Skyharbor.

Mixing up the time of the concerts me and my partner arrived late completely missing Skyharbor but were oblivious of the fact until the end. Erra was the first band that we viewed for the night. Their performance was filled with white, colorful lights that contrasted their dark music. My partner enjoyed this band the most since this is the type of music that he listens to.  I enjoyed the contrast as it made their songs sound out, and not to mention made it easier to take clearer photos. Just like the other bands of the night all the members were wearing black or dark colors.

Up next was The Contortionist who hit the stage pretty soon. The lighting of their performance was different from Erra. This band performed predominately in the dark with low lighting. Musically the tone and style was similar to Erra but had more instrumental only sections. The band’s instrumental background music was beautifully haunting with the lead singer’s vocals that echoed throughout the room. Due to this I found the music soothing , something that I was not expecting.

Around this time we had been standing for a few hours and his legs were getting tired. We decided to go outside on the second floor and sit in the stairway to rest up. At this point we were clueless on the fact that TesseracT was the one performing on stage. Quickly looking up on Instagram I realized this mistake and we decided to view the band for a while before calling it a night. From the few songs that we viewed on the band the lead singer had a loud strong vocals that was unique. From my memory I enjoyed the band and wish to see them again to write a better review.

TesseracT Setlist
1. Dystopia
2. Messenger
3. Concealing Fate, Part 2: Deception
4. Concealing Fate, Part 3: The Impossible
5. Of Matter – Proxy
6. Of Matter – Retrospect
7. Of Matter – Resist
8. Of Mind – Exile
9. April
10. Hexes
11. Of Mind – Nocturne
12. Survival
13. Concealing Fate, Part 1: Acceptance

The Contortionist Setlist
1. Language I: Intuition
2. Language II: Conspire
3. Integration
4. Thrive
5. Primordial Sound
6. Flourish
7. The Parable

Erra Setlist
1. Dreamcatcher
2. Pulse
3. White Noise
4. Heart
5. Alpha Seed
6. Hybrid Earth

Skyharbor Setlist
1. Evolution
2. Blind Side
3. Out of Time
4. Patience
5. Celestial

Trivial Notes

  • 12th concert at House of Blues, Anaheim.
  • First contest that I won from Metal Assault (thank you!).
  • Ian Eubanks of Erra left the band at the end of this tour being replaced by T.J Cavey.