The Mavericks
March 4, 2016
House of Blues, Anaheim


Back on tour to promote their new album The Mavericks stopped by The House of Blues, Anaheim for their Mono Mundo Tour.

I arrived late that evening managing to witness half of The Mavericks performance. The venue was wall to wall crowded with enthusiastic fans that I had to view them in the back. By this time the band had found their groove blasting sweet country swing music. Raúl Malo stood front and center wearing a bright red shirt with a black cowboy hat to complete his outfit. His strong vocals along with his stunning guitar playing filled the venue with incredible music. This was the reason why I came out tonight; to see this man play live. He did not disappoint at all and in fact exceed my expectations.  This singer had charm that cannot be beat, which heightened the experience of seeing this band.

Though every one in the band was exceptional, Jerry Dale McFadden was a standout. In a bright lime green suit he had lots  of energy playing that piano phenomenal. I have never seen someone play a piano with such  enthusiasm before. They continued on into the night for an hour never letting down their high energy. My favorite part of their performance was them playing Mexican music. I honestly was not expecting them to play this type of music, just country. That was the highlight of my night jamming to some traditional Mexican music from a Latino artist. All in all it was a lively night having the opportunity to view this band.

The Mavericks Setlist
1. All Night Long
2. Summertime (When I’m With You)
3. Stories We Could Tell
4. What You Do To Me
5. Fall Apart
6. Harvest Moon
7. The Only Questions Is
8. Back in Your Arms Agan
9. Lies
10. Born To Be Blue
11. Pardon me/Give Peace A Chance
12. There Goes My Heart
13. I Should Have Been True
14. What Am I Supposed To Do
15. I Said I Love
16. I’m Leaving It Up To You
17. Nitty Gritty
18. Guantanamera/ Twist and Shout
19. Every Little Thing About You

20. Dance In the Moonlight
21. All Over Again
22. Come Unto Me
23. All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down

Trivial Notes

  • 22nd concert at House of Blues, Anaheim.
  • At the end of the concert an elderly couple was walking down the steps. They had one to many to drink but didn’t expect them to fall down. They did though with the woman falling face down on the floor. She didn’t for a minute but afterwards she got up with a large bruise on her face. She claimed she was OK and quickly left with the man.