The Early November
Hidden In Plain View
Date: January 20, 2017
The Glass House


Talk about an unexpected night. I was notified by Thrillcall that I had won tickets less than 20 minutes before doors opened. Needless to say I attended the concert, however had to go home to grab by camera first. Though I won the tickets that was the extent of my luck that night. One of my tires got punctured by a nail, the public parking lot I usually parked at ran out of parking permits, and I missed the majority of the opening bands setlist. Through all of these misfortune happenings, the night ended up being a fun rockin’ time. At least the rainstorm was down to a drizzle and after witnessing a trio of women lose their money to the parking permit machine I ended up not wasting any money like them.

 The moment that I entered the venue I heard the lead singer of Hidden In Plain View announce that this was their last song of the night. Bummed that I basically missed their entire performance but was delighted in what I witnessed. The band was fantastic they expressed lot of high energy for that last song. The lead singer impressed me with his energetic power combined with his fiery performance made a strong impression. This is a band that I will keep an eye out for due to wanting to see a full performance from them as well as listen more to their music. As the band exited the stage the dark room lit up exposing the venue. Though this was a sold out concert it did not seem that way as there was plenty of ample room. I preferred it that way as being squished among concert goers was not something I looked forward to.

The Early November was on tour celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their album The Mother, the Mechanic, and the Path. Within half an hour the lead singer of The Early November Arthur “Ace” Enders stepped on stage. He started singing the slow intro to Never Coming Back and soon the whole band entered the stage joining him. From the start this band was phenomenal and  created a joyous concert experience. The lead singer was witty and hilarious, he reminded me of Ben Rector. Ace’s banter with the other band members was delightful, one could tell that the members were having a great deal of fun and were truly friends. As lead singers come along, he had a great deal of charm that was refreshing to see. This guy knows how to throw a performance whether he had a band with him or not. This lead singer’s lively, captivating singing convinced me to look up their music and buy their albums. The guitarist next to him Sergio Anello possessed tremendous energy as he ripped into his guitar. Towards the intermission Anello was completely drenched in sweat after that stunning performance. He would be jumping around stage, getting the audience to clap along, it was difficult to take a decent photo of him as he would constantly be moving around. He is by far one of the best guitar players that I have seen live. Bill Lugg was quite impressive especially with his guitar solos. When Ace would put Bill on the spot it was amusing because of how shy he was. As stated above his guitar solos were cool, but the moments when the crowd shouted “Bill! Bill! Bill!” were the funnest part of the concert. I was amused that the two outspoken members stood in the middle while the two shy members were on the edge. All in all the band was incredible, could not have asked for a greater time. I hated that I left before seeing the second half as I did not want to risk getting a ticket. The band left an impression on me though and this is a night I will not soon forget.

 The Early November Setlist
1. Never Coming Back
2. Hair
3. A Little More Time
4. Money In His Hand
5. The Rest Of My Life
6. From Here to L.A.
7. No Good At Saying Sorry (One More Chance)
8. Outside
9.  Driving South
10. Scared To Lose
11. Decoration
12. 1000 Times A Day
13. Figure It Out
14. Narrow Mouth
15. Fluxy
16. Baby Blue
17.  Frayed In Doubt
18. I Want To Hear You Sad
19.  The Mountain Range In My Living Room
20. I Don’t Care
21. Ever So Sweet
22. Tell Me Why
23. Every Night’s Another Story

Hidden In Plain View Setlist
1. Bleed For You
2. Ashes Ashes
3.  A Minor Detail
4. American Classic
5. The Point
6. Bendy
7. Top 5 Addictions
8. Twenty Below
9.  Hunting the Hunter
10. Garden Statement

Trivial Notes

  • 2nd concert at the Glass House venue in Pomona.
  • 5th concert that I won tickets from Thrillcall.