The Airborne Toxic Event
February 25, 2015


During the time of the concert I happened to be an intern in Hollywood whose building was two blocks away. I attended Amoeba at least once a week due to the proximity of the store . During my second trip to Amoeba, The Airborne Toxic Event were set to perform a free show. At that point in time I only knew one of the band’s songs; Sometime Around Midnight. I’ve done it in the past where I attended a show and I only knew one song from the band. Since this show happened to free why not attend and see it performed live? I entered the store at a perfect time because the band started playing the slow intro to Sometime Around Midnight as I entered the store. I quickly sped to my usual spot – Latin Music section- obtaining a decent view and saw the song come alive before my very own eyes. I became mesmerized as the live version sounded 100% better than the recording did. I could see the emotions the lead singer put into the performance which amplified the significance of the song. During those brief 4 minutes I lost touch with reality as the band had me under its spell. As the song came to a climatic end I snapped back into reality and would occasionally look at the band as I rummaged through used CDs. I’ll never forget the performance of that night, but I am hopeful that I’ll see the band perform live again soon.

 The Airborne Toxic Event Setlist
1. Changing
2. Gasoline
3. Hell and Back
4. California
5. Wrong
6. Sometime Around Midnight
7. All I Ever Wanted
8. The Fall of Rome
9. Missy/I’m On Fire

Trivial Notes

  • 1st time seeing the Airborne Toxic Event.
  • 1st free show at Amoeba.