Sharp Shock
Date: April 5, 2017
The Constellation Room


Dreamcar performed their first official show on April 5th at The Constellation room in Orange County. For the past three years the band members have been creating music together which until tonight had never been performed in public. The band consists of No Doubt members Adrian Young, Tom Dumont, and Tony Kanal with AFI singer Davey Havok. Prior to this concert the band debuted their first single “Kill For Candy on KROQ 106.7FM on March 2; tickets for their tour went on sale that day. Within minutes all of their shows sold out! Luckily for myself the band released the last few tickets of this concert two days prior to the event. Determined, I refreshed the page until I beat the odds and bought a ticket.

Excitement loomed over the crowd that night as family, fans, and friends chatted among themselves in the overcrowded venue. The Observatory is notorious for overselling their shows with this night being no exception. Concertgoers who arrived late were stranded outside unable to step foot in the room. A worker of the venue went on stage advising people to make room for them. Moments later Sharp/Shock jumped on stage to give an entertaining performance.  The punk band set the mood of the night as their rambunctious sound won the crowd over. The British (I think) singer added lively moments as he would tell hilarious jokes here and there. The most memorable moment of their setlist was the cover their did of The Clash’s “Police On My Back”.

Around 9:30 pm the moment had come as Dreamcar made their grand debut to the public. Surrealism barely describes the moment I experienced seeing the three members of No Doubt in person. That particular band holds tremendous significance to me as the first album I bought was Tragic Kingdom. As stated previously, the band up to this point had only released one song, “Kill For Candy”. Anticipation ran high as fans were eager to know how their other songs would sound like, but above all see the chemistry among themselves. As the night unraveled the strong chemistry along with their mesmerizing music made for a memorable debut.

The band started their live performance with “After I Confessed” which took the audience by storm. From that moment until the end the whole audience became engulfed in pure bliss. The band knocked it right out of the park as they exceeded everyone’s expectations. Davey Havok is such a talented singer which makes sense why he fronts five different bands. For his performance he actually acted out the emotions that each individual song contained giving off a theatrical element to the night. His flamboyant attributes reminded me of the late great David Bowie. In fact they covered one of his songs, “Moonage Daydream”, who Havok referred to as one of the most important person ever. He channeled his inner Bowie with that performance which would have made the late singer proud. Havok also reminded me of another late singer; Scott Weiland. The reason for that is his fashion sense; Weiland being the only other fashionista singer I’ve seen live. Havok rocked it with his outfit wearing the same shade of purple from head to toe. He looked extremely incredible professional and heated in the outfit. It got to the point where Havok started taking off his clothing in an almost seductive way. Off came the tie and suit which he laid down on stage which revealed that his belt had the words DRUG FREE on it. As he bent down one fan in the front took the opportunity to take a photo of Havok’s butt providing one of the funniest moments of the night. Tom Dumont masterfully played the guitar that night as grooved to the music. The most memorable moment of the night with him was when he jammed together on stage with Tony Kanal. As a No Doubt fan, seeing these two guitarist’s chemistry with one another brought a huge smile on my face. Adrian Young rocked it out as usual as he delivered a magnificent job. Just like Havok, Young took of his shirt due to the rising temperature of the venue. One thing that bothered me was that due to where I stood I could not get a proper photo of him. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get a decent shot due to the drum set. Last, but not least, Tony Kanal did an incredible job as the other three did. I noticed that he would jam to the music with his eyes closed. Seeing that one could understand how invested he is in this music. I loved seeing that because it displays how much he loves doing this; making music and performing live.

Back to the actual music, one could hear the 1980s rock scene that influenced the band. Through the night I could hear the influence that Duran Duran, Tears of Fears, and even The Cure had on the band. INXS were another band that influenced them to the point that they covered “Don’t Change”. Highlights performances of them included the catchy “Do Nothing” and “All The Dead Girls” (which would later be released as a single). In addition to the guys there were three female singers on stage. Two of them were backup singers who blended well with Havok’s voice. The other female singer played the piano, but also gave an impressive saxophone solo. These guys are brilliant overall with the songs that they created within the band. These guys blend well together and their chemistry is spot on. One has to wonder why these guys did not get together sooner to create this music. The band closed out the night by playing their very first single “Kill For Candy”. The whole room sang tremendously loud as everyone knew the lyrics to the song. What better way to end the night than play the only song they’ve released up to this point? For this being their very first show they ever did, the band a superb job. This band has huge potential and I am so excited to see what the future holds in store for them. This night solidified me as fan of theirs forever and will definitely go see them whenever they’re playing in Southern California.

Dreamcar Setlist
1. After I Confessed
2. The Assailant
3. Born To Lie
4. Slip on the Moon
5. The Preferred
6. Moonage Daydream (David Bowie cover)
7. On The Charts
8. Do Nothing
9. Ever Lonely
10. Don’t Let Me Love
11. All The Dead Girls

12. Don’t Change (INXS cover)
13. Show Me Mercy
14. Kill For Candy


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Trivial Notes

  • 3rd concert at The Constellation Room.
  • This is Dreamcar’s first concert!
  • 1st time seeing Dreamcar.
  • Sold out concert.
  • Tom Dumont’s official Instagram page liked the two photos I tagged him in.
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