Reel Big Fish
Mad Caddies
March 31, 2017
House of Blues, Anaheim


Took the risk of driving down to the venue hoping that the concert was not sold out. Had no Plan B, would have wasted my gas driving there and just go back home. Luckily, that never happened as tickets were steadily available. This concert turned out to be my first one at the House of Blues, Anaheim in the main venue since they moved to the Garden Walk.

I became consumed in shock as I stepped foot into the venue. It was extremely larger than the old venue’s location at Downtown Disney. I arrived an hour after doors had opened, so by the time I arrived the whole place was packed. I settled in a spot to view the last few minutes of Starpool’s performance. The band’s performance benefited from their strong enthusiasm  each member gave in their deliverance. Skanking on stage, jumping wildly, and getting the audience dancing were some of the memorable moments of this energetic band. The lead singer’s passion undeniably left a strong impression on me to keep an eye out for this band.

Arriving on stage next were the fabulous Mad Caddies. To be honest, I’ve never listened to this band’s music prior to this event. I had no idea what their music would consist of other than sounding ska. My first impression of the band as they entered the stage was that this band is laid back. The singer arrived in a plain blue shirt wearing a green hat. Without a doubt I have never seen a more relaxed singer than this man. After viewing them that night, I understood why this band has such a devoted following. Their mellow, ska sound combined with their easy going performance is worth a view. “I’m talking ’bout the right state of  The right state of The right state of your mind.” The State of Your Mind performance became one of my favorite moments during the night. I still listen to that song nonstop since that night.

The moment came to fruition as Aaron Barrett hit the stage with the rest of Reel Big Fish. Before diving into playing the hits of Turn Off The Radio, the band played four of their biggest hits. The band at the moment were on the road celebrating the 20th anniversary release of their second album. I actually own the album which I got for a steal for 50 cents.  Back to the band, the crowd roared with excitement as the band played hit after hit. The moshpit turned crazy as fans started skanking around, pushing and shoving each other around. Towards the end of the night one man in the moshpit did something I never witnessed before. He actually was being held up by his feet in the crowd making it appear as if he was walking above everyone. He took a few “steps” towards the stage before the people under him couldn’t take it anymore and collapsed down. The energy of the room changed once the band actually started playing songs from the album. The atmosphere shifted to a cheerier mood as the room became transported to 1996. One letdown I had surrounded the performance of She Has A Girlfriend Now. On the original recording Monique Powell of Save Ferris provided the female vocals for the song. A few days prior to this concert Save Ferris performed at the House of Blues, Anaheim playing the final show of the tour. With the end of the tour part of me hoped that she would make a guest appearance for this performance. Alas, that did not occur and one of the male members of the band performed the part in a high pitch voice. Beside this little fact, Reel Big Fish were outstanding that night. Sell Out, She Has A Girlfriend Now, and Skatanic ranked among the highlights of the night.

Re-listening to this album reminded me why I ventured out tonight to see them perform. The hilarious jokes in between songs added to the relaxing mood of the venue. The trombone player held a sign that stated “BRIAN SAYS SUP.” As soon as the band finished playing the album they started playing different hits. One of my favorites was the Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ The Impression That I Get which they mistakenly contributed to Squirrel Nut Zippers. Right before they were went on a small break Barrett mentioned that they forgot to perform one of the songs from the album. That’s when the crowd shouted with glee as they knew which one; Beer. As the song neared to an ending the band switched to playing an instrumental version of The Offspring’s Self Esteem. With that I decided to call it a night skipping out on the band’s encore performance. I instantly regretted my decision once I found out that the band ended their set with a performance of a-ha’s Take On Me. How great would that have been to see that performance live! I’ll have to wait for the next time that they’re in town to see it.

Reel Big Fish Setlist
1. Ole Chant
2. I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend Too
3. Another F.U. Song
4. Your Guts (I Hate’Em)
5. Sell Out
6. Trendy
7. Join The Club
8. She Has A Girlfriend Now
9. Snoop Dogg, Baby
10. 241
11.  Everything Sucks
12. S.R.
13. Skatanic
14. All I Want Is More
15. Nothin’
16. Say Ten
17. I’ll Never Be
18. Alternative Baby
19. Cool Ending
20. The Impression That I Get
21.  Beer (Interlude of Self Esteem)

22. I’m Cool
23. Everyone Else Is An Asshole
24. Where Have You Been
25. Take On Me (a-ha cover)

Mad Caddies Setlist
1. Backyard
2. Lay Your Head Down
3. Tired Bones
4. Brand New Scar
5. Dangerous
6. Leavin’
7. State of Mind
8. Love Myself
9. Shoot Out The Lights
10. Silence
11. No Hope
12. Drinking for 11
13.  Road Rash
14. Coyote


The Orange County Register. April 1, 2017. “Reel Big Fish shakes up House of Blues Anaheim with 20-year album celebration” by Kelli Skye Fadroski.

Trivial Notes

  • 1st time seeing Reel Big Fish, Mad Caddies, and Starpool.
  • 1st concert in the main stage at the recently opened House of Blues, Anaheim at the Garden Walk.
  • Starpool’s official Instagram account liked the photo I tagged them in.
  • Reel Big Fish’s official Instagram account liked the three photos I posted of this night.
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