The Pixies
Public Access TV
Date: April 21, 2017
Fox Theater Pomona


The Pixies ventured on a 2017 United States to promote their latest album Head Carrier; released on September 20, 2016. Prior to this announcement the last time The Pixies played in Southern California was in 2014 when Paz Lenchantin joined the band. She replaced Kim Deal, though Lenchantin is a terrific bassist being able to see Deal would have been an unbelievable Pixies experience. The initial tour announcement had the House of Blues, Anaheim as being the first stop. That show sold out within a short period of time causing me to miss out. Luckily more shows were added to the tour including the Fox Theater Pomona show. I grabbed my ticket the moment tickets went on sale not wanting to miss another opportunity to view the band.

This concert turned out to become the weirdest concert experience I have encountered to date. This being The Pixies, I should have expected it. The oddness of the night started with the opening band, Public Access TV. The band played on stage a good 70 minutes after doors had opened. The four male members of the band by far were the tallest males I have yet to witness on stage; all easily over six feet. The band performed well, however they did not catch my attention or engage me. I’ve listened to better opening bands, not to say that they were terrible or anything. In the end their performance will not be memorable to me unfortunately. The weirdest aspect of the concert had to be the audience that evening. Some guy in front of me started barking like a dog expressing his excitement for the band. A fight broke out between two male attendees where they were holding each others fists. It would be a good minute before a security guard came in broke it off with the guard and kicked out the guy who started it.

The fog machines on stage flowed on stage signaling the band’s entrance. Once all the members were settled in they dove right into Gouge Away. The rambunctious audience brightened up as the first note rang across the venue. Hits were played throughout the bands 30 plus year career which caused me to realize the numerous songs I failed to recognize. It had been years since I actually listened to their albums; of which I own their first three albums. Surfer Rosa and Bossanova rank high among my favorite albums, while I never got into their Doolittle album. Regardless, I experienced moments of bliss as the band’s performance reintroduced me to these songs. Emotions overcame me as I instantly thought of my college years when I stumbled upon their music for the first time; I know I’m a late bloomer. Wave of Mutilation, Crackity Jones, Vamos, and Brick Is Red were among the tracks that hit me with nostalgia.

The odd aspect of the band’s performance had to their lack of communication among the crowd. What I mean is the band never addressed the audience or spoke to us, they just sang. Even towards the end before the encore the members of the band just waved to the crowd and bowed. They did all that without saying anything to us, I wonder as to why. The band did an incredible job performing yet felt as if they were not on the top of their game. Their performances sort of felt off, but that could have been due to me having higher expectations for this band. What took me by surprise though was how fast Francis Black sang the lyrics to most of the songs. He seemed to sing the song as quickly as he could which caused a few songs to sound strange. This became noticeable through the performances of  Where Is My Mind? and Here Comes Your Man. It bothered me however it did not take away from the experience of hearing these classic songs performed. Nothing compared to seeing them perform Velouria; my favorite song of The Pixies. Though Kim Deal left big shoes to fill,  Paz Lenchantin holds on her own and the chemistry she posses with the other members blended well. Her solos were a highlight of the evening, the high mark being the last song. After taking a minute break the band grouped together to perform the final song of the evening; Into The White. The fog machines were on full blast as the whole room became blanketed in a deep fog. It came to the point where Lenchantin became the only visible member on stage. The fog atmosphere intensified the performance as I understood what it felt seeing a band in a thick fog. Suddenly the lights started flashing rapidly  making these final moments seem like a dream. Soon the dream came to an end as the venue’s lights turned taking me back to reality.

The Pixies Setlist
1. Gouge Away
2. Wave Of Mutilation
3. U-Mass
4. Um Chagga Lagga
5. Caribou
6. Bel Esprit
7. I’ve Been Tired
8. Classic Masher
9. Monkey Gone To Heaven
10. Crackity Jones
11. Isla De Encanta
12. Cactus
13. Magdalena 318
14. Velouria
15. Havalina
16. Snakes
17. Where Is My Mind?
18. All The Saints
19. Vamos
20. Brick Is Red
21. Here Comes Your Man
22. Nimrod’s Son
23. Mr. Grieves
24. Indie Cindy
25. Winterlong
26. Ed Is Dead
27. All I Think About Now
28. Debaser
29. Head On (The Jesus and Mary Chain cover)
30. Tame
31. Planet Of Sound

32. Into The White

Trivial Notes

  • 1st time seeing The Pixies and Public Access TV.
  • 4th concert at the Fox Theater in Pomona.
  • Sold out concert.