Chris Cornell Press Image 3 - Credit Jeff Lipsky
Chris Cornell Press Image 3 – Credit Jeff Lipsky

Woke up to the shocking news this morning that Soundgarden and Audioslave singer Chris Cornell passed away. News is still breaking in as to the cause of death, but many outlets are reporting that it might have been a possible suicide. Cornell’s representative Brian Bumbery stated that the death came “sudden and unexpected.” Cornell was the lead singer for the bands Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden, and Audioslave as well as released a few solo albums.  The 52 year old singer leaves behind his wife and three children, my biggest sympathy to them during this time.

The first time I heard a Chris Cornell song took place back in 2006 when Audioslave released  Doesn’t Remind Me. Back when VH1 actually showed music videos, I remember this music video getting lots of airtime on their Top 20 Countdown. I became captivated with the song, I had never listened to such a unique yet captivating vocals like his before. Looking back, I loved the grungy sound his vocals possessed; it would a few months before I went through my obligated grunge phase in high school. Around this time I started becoming exposed to rock music with Audioslave becoming one of the first modern rock bands I would become a fan of. This band produced one of my favorite rock songs of all times, Like A Stone. This is one of those rare songs that I can listen to hours and never get tired of hearing it. In my opinion it’s one of those perfect rock songs with no flaws that is instantly relatable. One of my biggest regrets is not being able to see him live in concert. I missed my opportunity but at least I’ll always have his music.

Rest in piece Chris Cornell. You will be missed you but never forgotten.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that cause of death was due to suicide.