New Found Glory
Slick Shoes
Date: April 22, 2017
 The Observatory, Santa Ana


Won free tickets through an Instagram contest. Picking up a friend of mine, we were off to the sold out show. To be honest, I never heard of NFG’s music, only familiar with their name. My friend’s knowledge of the band turned out to be limited as mine, but that did not deter us from going on this adventure. My friend’s low expectations of a large turnout were debunked once he viewed the massive crowd.

An hour passed before Slick Shoes roared through the stage. 13 months prior I had the pleasure of seeing Slick Shoes open up for another pop punk band; Zebrahead. Their performance that night left me with a great first impression, and tonight I became reminded as to why I enjoyed this band. Singer Ryan Kepke’s fireball passion erupted through the venue as his energetic performance captivated the audience. The other members of the band did a fantastic job keeping up with his energy; not an easy feat. Behind the band hung their banner with their logo prominently featured. Since 1996 the band has been rocking out together, it seemed fitting that they were there assisting New Found Glory in celebrating their 20th anniversary. Small trivial fact; NFG singer Jordan Pundik mentioned that Slick Shoes were one of their favorite bands when they were first getting established. I loved how relaxed the members appeared on stage as they got the audience warmed up. They all possessed strong stamina yet seemed calm at the same time…not sure how to describe it in writing. Stand out performance of Slick Shoes that night had to be Joe’s Sick.

New Found Glory appeared on stage to the screaming excitement of the crowd. From beginning to end the band provided the audience a raucous, entertaining night of memorable performances. The previous night the band performed all the songs off their “Sticks and Stones” along with their “Catalyst” album. For the night me and my friend attended the band played songs off the “Not Without A Fight” and the band’s Self-Titled album. Tonight proved to be special in the that the band played Party On Apocalypse in its live debut. The song is from their recently released album “Makes Me Sick”; released on April 28, 2017. I ended up enjoying the bands pop punk songs, part of me wishes I had heard them back in high school back when I listened to this type of music. A sweet moment occurred during the show when Pundik noticed a little girl in the crowd who held up a sign that read “MY FIRST CONCERT.” He had to bring her on stage, I mean why wouldn’t he? The crowd gave her a roaring loud scream of approval as she smiled with glee. Pundik turned out to be a fun performer filled with a boisterous spirit to boast. My friend and I ended up leaving a few minutes before the concert ended. I instantly regretted that once I found out that with the last note a blast of confetti filled the room! That would have been amazing to watch but next time I’ll stick around for the finale. Hopefully it won’t be another 20 years before I witness this band again. Congrats on making it for your 20th anniversary New Found Glory! Here’s to another 20 years.

New Found Glory Setlist
1. Better Off Dead
2. Truck Stop Blues
3. All About Her
4. Tangled Up
5. Black & Blue
6. Second To Last
7. Right Where We Left Off
8. Sucker
9. Vegas
10. This Isn’t You
11. Boy Crazy
12. Don’t Let Her Pull You Down
13. Sincerely Me
14. 47
15. Reasons
16. Such A Mess
17. I’ll Never Love Again
18. Dressed To Kill
19. Party On Apocalypse
20. Eyesore
21. Heartless At Best
22. Listen To Your Friends

23. Ballad For The Lost Romantics
24. Don’t Let This Be The End
25. Hit Or Miss

Slick Shoes Glory Setlist
1. Intro
2. Responsible
3. East On Tracks
4. The Last Round
5. Angel
6. Joe’s Sick
7. New Song 08
8. For Better, For Worse
9. Parting Ways
10. Last
11. New New Song

Trivial Notes

  • 14th concert at The Observatory.
  • 1st time seeing New Found Glory
  • 2nd time seeing Slick Shoes.
  • Sold out concert!