Wild Child and Roughhouse at House of Blues, Anaheim

Wild Child
Date: June 10, 2017
 House of Blues, Anaheim


This night wound up becoming the second time that I would view Wild Child all within the same circumstances. I won free tickets from the same promoter as I did two years ago and from the same venue, House of Blues in Anaheim. One difference is the location of the venue which moved down one block at The Garden Walk. Coincidentally, I arrived late to the point that I missed the opening band as I did the first time around. This time however, I brought along my camera so now I have “official” photos of the band. Throughout the night I kept thinking that this night would wound up to be a do-over for myself. I don’t quite remember the first time I saw Wild Child but this would be my second chance for “redemption” in a sense. The stage had been set up just as I previously remembered it; the drum set placed on a platform surrounded by a wall of glass. Not a clue what the wall of glass serves, but if I had to guess I believe it has to do with the sound the drums make. As I waited for the band to start I surveyed the venue. The place had become packed to the wall with Doors fans surrounding the venue.

Soon the moment had arrived as Dave Brock and the members of Wild Child made their entrance. Brock wore all black with a large cross dangled around his neck this evening. Brock approached the microphone singing “You know the day destroys the night, Night divides the day.” He started out with the classic Doors song Break On Through (To The Otherside) to the enthusiasm of the crowd. I don’t believe there’s a better tribute band of The Doors than this band. Dave Brock is a remarkable lead singer who does justice to Jim Morrison. The rest of the band members were unparalleled in their talents in performing these classic rock songs. Through the night Brock kept knocking each song out of the park. His magnetic powerful allure had all eyes on him as he performed in such a hypnotic manner. There were memorable performances throughout that night that jogged my memory of the first time seeing this band. Before performing Riders On The Storm, Brock dedicated the song to late Doors keyboard member Ray Manzarek. Brock went on to explain that this song was Manzarek’s favorite to perform live. The keyboardist unfortunately passed away in 2013, but Dave Brock had the great fortune to work with the legendary Doors members for years in the Manzarek–Krieger band. Brock left me astonished by the end as this talented singer gave an outstanding performance. Other favorites of mine during the night were Light My Fire, The End, and L.A. Woman. Obviously the band performed other Doors songs but these ranked high because they happen to be my favorite songs from The Doors catalog. As the night winded up I left the venue with fond memories of what transpired on stage.

Trivial Notes

  • 2nd time seeing Wild Child.
  • 6th concert at House of Blues, Anaheim at The Garden Walk.


Los Cafres and Jackie Mendez at House of Blues, Anaheim

Los Cafres
Jackie Mendez
Date: June 12, 2017
 House of Blues, Anaheim


I collected free tickets for the concert through the app Thrillcall (thank you)! I became ecstatic at the opportunity to view a band from Argentina live in person. I had hope to win tickets through one of the contests that I entered and as luck would have it I did win. Arriving earlier than I anticipated, I managed to view the complete performance of the first act of the night. Jackie Mendez, a local reggae hailing from El Monte, happened to be opening that night. I’ve had the great fortune of viewing Mendez previously multiple times at exciting reggae themed concerts. Every single time I’ve seen her she would put on an incredible concert she did just that. Right from the start she dazzled the audience with her bubbly personality and her bright presence on stage – her yellow dress and hair made her shine even brighter. She started the night with a cover of The Upsetters’ Tight Spot Riddim’ and from there the party continued on for the next half hour. Mendez danced on stage as she sang every song with strong passion from within. It’s always a blast seeing Mendez perform on stage and I love seeing her rock out whenever I have the chance to do so. In between songs she would address the audience in Spanish as she told the audience a little history behind each song. Receiving this insight from the singer made her performance that night a bit more personal for the audience. The standout track of the night had to be He Used To Be My Baby, one of the best tracks I’ve heard from her live. The raw emotions she displays on stage is what makes me excited to see her on stage. For this particular night Mendez had a backup band which always perform well with her. I’ve become use to seeing her guest spot in a few Gamblers Mark concert, so seeing her perform on her own is always exciting for me. The band on stage with her were quite enjoyable as they all possessed the same passion as Mendez. They were able to keep up with her fiery energy which is not an easy feat of itself.

The moment arrived as all nine members of Los Cafres entered the stage. The band is currently on their Alas Canciones tour promoting their latest album of the same name. The band has been touring Latin America and have recently embarked on their United States tour to promote the album. The band formed in 1987 back in their home country of Argentina, this year the band celebrating their 30th anniversary. The eight members of the band that perform with instruments were all on stage as they dove into Se Q` El Mar. Suddenly the voice of the singer, Guillermo Bonetto, could be heard but not seen. After a few seconds Bonetto stormed into the stage which received a triumphant applause. This is one of the largest bands that I’ve seen to date; tied with No Te Va Gustar who both have 9 members a piece. The mellow sounds of the band combined with the fiery energy of the lead singer equaled one phenomenal performance. All nine members were in sync as they jammed on stage as they enjoyed themselves. Their feel good, laid back sound turned out to be quite infectious as everyone in the audience started dancing to their beats. Bonetto throughout the night impressed me tremendously as this proficient singer delivered an unforgettable performance. The charismatic performer is quite lively on stage as he submerges himself to the music, providing a sensational time to all. He’s an excellent singer whose showmanship in delivering a power house performance made him stand out to me. The other members did a great job playing on their instruments whether it was the drums, guitar, keyboard, or brass. I enjoyed the laid back vibes the band were giving off as all members wore T-shirts and jeans. Prior to this night I never heard of this band’s music but I loved what I heard. I’m not the biggest Reggae fan, but Los Cafres mellow, Spanish sounds won me over; honestly everything sounds better in Spanish. Spanish reggae is a specific genre that I never heard or became known about prior to hearing of this band. After this night I’ll be sure to check out more of this band and seek similar artists like them. The standout performance for me would have to be Alas Canciones, the mellowest track the band performed that night. The relaxed, soothing atmosphere the band created helped get everyone in the audience to mellow out and have fun. This is a remarkable band that one needs to see especially if you love reggae music. Trust me this band will not disappoint in the slightest.

Los Cafres Setlist
1. Sé Q’ El Mar
2. Listo
3. El Silencio
4. Es La Música
5. Imposible
6. Perdón
7. Alas Canciones
8. Momento
9. Dale!
10. Hace Falta/ De Mi Mente
11. Aire/ Tu Ojos
12. Si El Amor Se Cae
13. Casi Q’ Me Pierdo

Jackie Mendez Setlist
1. Tight Spot Riddim’ (The Upsetters cover)
2. Sitting Round The Bend
3. Hard to Handle
4. Thought You Should Know
5. He Used To Be My Baby
6. Forever True
7. Quizaz
8. I Can’t Stay
9. Endless Memory
10. Rocksteady

Trivial Notes

  • 1st time seeing Los Cafres.
  • 4th time seeing Jackie Mendez.
  • 7th concert at the House of Blues, Anaheim at The Garden Walk.
  • 1st band from Argentina that I’ve seen.
  • Chemo liked the photo I posted of her on Instagram.
  • I won another contest to view the band at the Fonda Theater the next day. However the catch was that I had to pick up the tickets from the facility that hosted the contest. The place is in Santa Monica and well working from Pasadena I could not make it on time to pick up the tickets. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it and lost the tickets.

The Blasters and Cutty Flam at The Parish, Anaheim

The Blasters
Cutty Flam
Date: June 9, 2017
 The Parish, Anaheim


After being open for 5 months I finally obtained free tickets at the House of Blues, Anaheim. For a while I believed that I would never see another free show here. The first free show turned out to be The Blasters, whom I’ve previously seen 2 years prior; in Orange County coincidentally. The original plan consisted of me attending the concert alone. Instead my partner surprised me and tagged along even though he doesn’t enjoy this style of music. I won the tickets from a promoter who also hooked me up with access to the VIP Foundation room. This section of the venue turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. Exquisite statues surrounded the room with a massive diamond stunted chandelier hung in the middle; and this is just the waiting room. Me and my partner were speechless when we first laid eyes on this room. The night started off on a terrible beginning as obtaining my tickets took longer than anticipated. There happen to be a mix up, but in the end I got my free tickets.

Thanks to the mix up we missed the majority of Cutty Flam’s performance. Prior to this night I never heard of this band, but I enjoyed what little I heard. Cutty Flam are a three piece Rock n’ Roll band that hail from the San Fernando Valley. The band consist of Cutty on guitar, Bang Bangs on drums, and Chewy Lewy on bass. When I entered the Parish I flat out became mesmerized with this bands sound. My fondness of the energy, style, and good o’ Rock n’ Rolls sound the band exhibited on stage made me an instant fan. Hearts covered the stage as two functioning heart-shaped lamps graced the stage illuminating the band members jewel crusted heart pins. The band should be proud of themselves as they did a swell, bang up job of getting the audience to dance and sway all around. Female drummer Bang Bangs did a marvelous task of drumming up a storm and singing beautifully to boot. Chewy Lewy and Cutty both sang harmoniously through out the night as their boss guitar skills stunned the crowd. The three dressed in rockabilly attire that hyped the authenticity of their performance on stage. These kids were the ginchiest hep cats around!

The Blasters arrived on stage to the thunderous applause of the audience. The 39 year-old band originated from Downey, California forming in 1978. The band consists of brothers  Dave Alvin (guitar) and Phil Alvin (vocals and guitar) with Bill Bateman (drums) and John Bazz (bass guitarist) rounding out the rest of the band. Moments after setting up the band dove into Dave Alvin’s Long White Cadillac. The four members wore denim/flannel button up shirts reminiscent of cowboy attire. Throughout the evening the bands Americana sound feverishly got the audience to dance and move around. Their blend of blues, punk rock, and rockabilly became a nice change of pace as it’s been an extended period of time since I’ve viewed a band perform this style of music. The crowd that night were interesting as most of the people surrounding me were completely drunk. I’ve had interesting interactions with a few of them to say the least. One thing I did enjoy about the crowd had to be two men who wore concert shirts of two shows I’ve seen previously; Elvis Costello and X. Back to the band, I had a difficult time viewing them on stage due to being near the back. From what I could view the bands were just as phenomenal as they were when I last saw them. Phil’s rockin’ singing kept the excitement high in the room all through the night. Dave and John’s guitar playing ranked high among the best that I’ve seen. Finally Bill played the drums triumphantly as he grooved along with the other fellas. Viewing this band brought back memories which reminded me as to why I love this band. My partner on the other band preferred Cutty Flam as he stated that The Blasters music sounded too old for him. If he can’t dance to the music then he won’t like it. We exited the venue once the band ended their performance of American Music. Dave busted out a harmonica and played an extraordinary solo on that instrument. With that my night at the House of Blues, Anaheim ended on a high note.

The Blasters Setlist
1. Long White Cadillac (Dave Alvin song)
2. Crazy Baby
3. Rock My Blues Away (Clarence “Gatemout” Brown cover)
4. Border Radio
5. Precious Memories
6. Well Oh Well (Tiny Bradshaw cover)
7. Dark Night
8. Trouble Bound
9. I’m Shakin’ (Little Willie John cover)
10. Rebound ( Charlie Rich cover)
11. Big F
12. So Long Baby Goodbye
13. Daddy Rolling Stone (Otis Blackwell cover)
14. Red Rose
15. Blue Shadows
16. American Music

17. Marie, Marie
18. One Bad Stud

Trivial Notes

  • 2nd show at The Parish, Anaheim.
  • 2nd time seeing The Blasters.
  • 1st time seeing Cutty Flam.

Roadcase Royale at The Rose Pasadena

Roadcase Royale
MIRAGE Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band
Date: June 2, 2017
 The Rose, Pasadena

roadcase royale

There were many big artists performing this particular night all over Southern California. It’s official, summer has started now that big name artists are going on tour. I noticed that The Rose posted on their Instagram page mentioning locations in Pasadena that were offering free tickets for the Roadcase Royale concert. I immediately jumped at this opportunity as seeing Nancy Wilson live has been a dream of mine. Heading to Poo-Bah Records off of Colorado Blvd I grabbed my free ticket all for that evening.

Roadcase Royale is a relatively new super group band which formed in early 2017. Liv Warfield is a R&B singer who was a protégé  of the late great artist Prince. She joined his backing band The New Power Generation being featured on his “Lotusflow3r” album. Nancy Wilson is best known for being half of the rock band Heart. At the current moment Heart is on a hiatus due to conflict between Nancy and her sister Ann. If you’re interested in reading more about the conflict between the siblings click here to read this detailed Rolling Stones article. Rounding out the rest of Roadcase Royale is lead guitarist and also Prince protégé Ryan Waters with Heat members Ben Smith (drums), Chris Joyner (keys), and Dan Rothchild (bass). The band are currently on tour with The Rose being their third stop after their concerts at The Coach House and The Canyon.

MIRAGE the Fleetwood Mac tribute band were in the middle of their set as I entered the venue. Michelle Tyler, lead singer, let out her inner Stevie Nicks as she beautifully sang Landslide. She changed outfits from a black dress with a red shawl to a white flowing dress. Bruce Lawrence stepped into the Lindsay Buckingham role as he rocked the guitar. Carla Buffa as Christine McVie was on the keyboard with Bob Weitze stepping into the role of John McVie (bass) and Richard Graham as Mick Fleetwood (drums) rounded out the rest of the band. As previously mentioned the Landslide performance remains my favorite from them. Hearing it live became quite an experience and I honestly lost myself during that whole song. Other people in the audience cheered as they adjusted their seats to obtain a better view of the stage. They ended their set with Don’t Stop which had the audience on the dance floor. This tribute band is marvelous and I would love to view a complete performance from them.

The moment that Roadcase Royale entered the stage I knew they were going to rock. The two stunning ladies appeared on stage wearing all black outfits with Warfield’s containing a rose pattern. Nice touch considering they were calling at a place called The Rose. Before this night I never heard of Liv Warfield but I turned into a fan of hers by the end of the night. She blew me away with her extraordinary singing talents, which combined with her powerful energy captivated me. Nancy Wilson turned out to be everything I hoped she would be live. She played killer guitar solos while being completely humble through it all. Right off the bat they dove into their first single Get Loud. This is the first song I ever heard from the band and I absolutely loved it. These women know how to rock and put on an impressive concert. Throughout the night most of these songs had a light, feelgood mood to them. That being said, there were a few emotional songs with The Dragon being the biggest gut wrenching. Nancy wrote this song decades ago for her dearly departed friend Alice of Chains singer Layne Stanley. She wrote the song in response to his heroin addiction but up to this point it had never been recorded. As Wilson introduced the song she stated that this performance would also be dedicated to “another brother from Seattle, Chris Cornell.” The band did those two justice with that outstanding song played live.

One word to describe the chemistry among these ladies on stage; phenomenal. These two were in perfect sync as they played off one another. Though they’ve been on the road for a short time, it felt that they have been doing this for years. They weren’t taking requests – haven’t been together long enough for that- but engaged the audience. From one of her speeches I believe it’s been a minute since Wilson played these small club shows. However, I believe that she enjoyed the intimacy these small clubs provided. Warfield shined with Blackbird demonstrating her range of talent. Wilson’s memorable moment, for me at least, turned out to be when she played Crazy On You. Part of me throughout the night kept on hoping for a Heart number, especially Barracuda. That didn’t come to fruition but Crazy On You is a wonderful song to listen live. When Wilson started playing the chords I completely lost it. I screamed the chorus as loud as I could as I saw her tear up her guitar. The night came to an end with Never Say Die serving as their last number. The ladies exceed all of my expectations as they kept blowing me away with their talent. I can’t wait to see what they have in store in the near future.

Roadcase Royale Setlist
1. Get Loud
2. Even It Up
3. Not Giving Up
4. Hold On To My Hand
5. The Dragon
6. All Is Fair
7. Controversy
8. Mind Your Business
9. Two
10. These Dreams
11. Blackbird
12. Insaniac
13. Silver Wheels
14. Crazy On You
15. No Way Back
16. Never Say Die

Trivial Notes

  • 8th concert at The Rose.
  • 1st time seeing Roadcase Royale.
  • Roadcase Royale’s 3rd concert performance overall.
  • Liv Warfield’s official Instagram page liked the two photos of the band.
  • Roadcase Royale’s official Instagram page liked the two photos I tagged them in.


Las Cafeteras and Mariachi Flor de Toloache at Musco Center for the Arts, Chapman University

Las Cafeteras
Mariachi Flor de Toloache
Date: May 28, 2017
Musco Center for the Arts, Chapman University


This concert marked the 6th time that I’ve seen Las Cafeteras, but the first time that I got a ticket stub with their name on it…sort of. The ticket stub listed everything, expect the bands name! Luckily at the end of the concert drummer Jose Cano signed the ticket stub writing “Las Cafeteras”. Well a member of the actual band signed the ticket so I consider it legitimate for my collection. Let me back up as I’m getting ahead of myself. Surprisingly my partner had no reservations of going to the concert and became excited in seeing the band for the first time. One of my friends, whose a major Las Cafeteras fan, joined us in the festivities as well. 2017 marked the second year Chapman held The Heartbeat of Mexico event on their campus. This would be my first time attending the event or even hearing of it. My partner and I arrived early to do a photo shoot as well as view the Ballet Folklórico dancers. I couldn’t believe that my partner had never seen Ballet Folklórico dancing in person before this day. As the talented dancers finished, my friend arrived on time and we headed to our seats. This beautiful venue reminded me of the one where I previously saw La Santa Cecilia three months prior. I did not take as many photos as I did not want to disturb others around me, but think I still took decent photos of the musical groups.

The MC of the event turned out to be none other than OC’s Ruben Martinez. Not a native of the county I am not familiar with his work, but my partner is. He’s read multiple books from the author for his classes and just loves his work. Mariachi Flor de Toloache took the stage shortly setting the expectations of the night high. The ladies came all the way from New York and they did a stunning job leaving everyone in the audience with memorable memories. The four mujers were beyond talented as they were beautiful. All four wore matching black outfits, each adorned with large, red roses placed on the left side of their hair. The ladies played original songs, most from their latest album. I have to say all of their music sounded marvelous; this coming from someone that’s not a large mariachi fan. My favorite of theirs ended up being a mariachi cover of Nirvana’s Come As You Are. I never expected them to play a rock song, I mean who would? I ended up enjoying the song as they put their won Latin spin to it. Throughout their performance each one of the ladies shined as they did their own instrumental solo performances. Each one of them displayed what talent they had whether it be playing the violin, trumpet, or guitar. The audience gave them a large standing ovation at the end. We were all impressed with their talents, especially my partner who loved every second of it. We both cannot wait for the chance to see these talented artists again in the future.

After a brief intermission Las Cafeteras made their grand entrance. Noticeably two of members of the band were missing that night; Leah Gallegos and David Flores. The two recently married couple are expecting their first baby soon which was the reason for their absence. Congratulations to the two lovers and with their bundle of joy. Though those two were missing in action the rest of the band did a marvelous job entertaining the audience. All four members encompassed high energy and strong fierceness that they’re known for. Every time I see the band I swear their level of passion and energy only increases vigorously. Front and center is the band’s sole female member Denise Carlos. The fiery hot pink haired singer dazzled the room with her impeccable dance moves as her black rose themed skirt flowed with the beat. Her stunning vocals left the audience wanting more as the night went on. As part of the entertainment, two dancing couples emerged from both sides of the stage. Switching from white tradition Mexican outfits to ranchero inspired clothing they astonished the crowd with their skills. Their added presence created a lively atmosphere as well as amplified the Mexican theme of the whole event. One of these talented men gave an incredible solo zapateado dance performance that blew the audience away. As he always does in the past, Hector Flores stole the show with his killer zapateado dance moves. Wearing a black pachuco hat with suspenders he’s mad zapateado skills had the audience screaming for more. He’s an expert at not only dancing but also at getting the people energized. I truly love this hombre’s passion that he has for his craft, he is truly genuine which shows in his dedication in making every performance remarkable. Daniel French’s rapping skills were admirable as he did it flawlessly whenever he took the spotlight. Just like the rest of the male members of the band he wore a hat, but his had the word “TACO” written on it. He jammed on the jaranas impressively as did Hector; I tried playing that instrument and it is not easy. Jose Cano did a superb job keeping the beat alive throughout the night. He never missed a beat and jammed to the music like everyone in the room. The band played hits from their latest album “Tastes Like L.A.” such as If I Were President, Paletero, and This Land Is Your Land. After a brief break the band came on stage for one last performance which consisted of their signature song of  La Bamba Rebelde. The whole crowd stood up and danced to the extended version of the song which featured two members of Mariachi Flor de Toloache. The dancing couples came back out with each member doing zapateado dances, leaving the audience wanting more. This last performance proved to be the most powerful and enjoyable of the night. If the band had played Luna Luners then to me this would have been a perfect concert. Regardless, this performance of theirs stands out as my favorite Las Cafeteras performance to date.

Trivial Notes

  • 6th time seeing Las Cafeteras and 1st time seeing Mariachi Flor de Toloache.
  • 1st time at Musco Center for the Arts, Chapman University.
  • Denise Carlos liked the photo I tagged her in on Instagram and commented “Gracias!” on the photo. She also accepted my friend request.
  • Jose Can liked the photo I tagged him in on Instagram.
  • Las Cafeteras’ official Instagram page liked all four photos I tagged them in.
  • Daniel French liked the photo I tagged him in on Instagram.
  • Mariachi Flor de Toloache’s official Instagram page liked all four photos I tagged them in.
  • Mariachi Flor de Toloache’s official Twitter page liked the four posts I mentioned them in.
  • Las Cafeteras’ official Twitter page liked the four posts I mentioned them in.
  • Hector Flores liked the photo I tagged him on Instagram.

Mon Laferte and La Misa Negra at House of Blues, Anaheim

Mon Laferte
La Misa Negra
Date: May 26, 2017
House of Blues, Anaheim


I made the grave error of delaying buying tickets until two weeks prior to the concert. Low and behold it sold out a few weeks prior to the big day! I’ll never repeat the blunder of  lingering to buy tickets to see an artist I love again. Like most individuals have advised me, “It’s not about if you should go to that concert, it’s if I can go.” Resale prices were ridiculously high ranging from $90 to $120; I don’t support individuals trying to profit off concerts as well. I screwed myself over but became determined in finding not only a ticket, but a physical ticket. My prayers were answered when I found a man on Facebook who had a ticket for sale. His friends bailed on him last minute of attending the concert. Their loss became my gain as I got my ticket after all, for a reasonable amount too of $50. Thank you Felix for the opportunity to attend this unforgettable night.

I arrived late that evening as I entered the venue an hour after doors had opened. No surprise that the venue at this point had became crowded from wall to wall. My luck continued as I located a spot with a perfect view of the stage. Once settled in I viewed La Misa Negra as they were in the middle of their energetic performance. Every member of the band had a high strong energy as they immersed themselves into the music. Without missing a beat the band danced, jumped, and swayed throughout the whole night. It got to the point where all my photos turned out blurry. Regardless, I truly loved their performance as their music got me dancing to their virulent beats. The charismatic female singer lead the band into an entertaining concert for the audience. Dressed all in black her strong vocals were beyond beautiful as they reached all corners of the venue. The cumbia hits kept on rolling as the crowd lost themselves in their dance. I need to mention the clarinetist and saxophonist who both delivered mind blowing solos. This Oakland cumbia and Afro-Columbia music based band thrilled the audience to no ends.

My first exposure to Mon Laferte occurred last year when I obtained the opportunity to photograph a Latino based festival. If I am not mistaken, this festival marked one of the times that she ventured into the United States to tour. My first impression of her was that she had a beautiful voice as well as being stunningly gorgeous. I became a fan of hers that night and eagerly waited the next moment when I would see her again in Southern California. It turned out to be a short wait as 8 months later she embarked on her Amárrame tour promoting her latest album “La Trenza.” Amárrame is the lead single from the album which features Colombian singer Juanes; a great song if you haven’t heard it. Now back to the concert at hand. The layout of the stage included a light up sign featuring her name, a bedside table with a function lamp on top, and a radio underneath the table. As the audience murmured among themselves the lights dimmed and the male members appeared on stage. All of them wore matching teal blue colored suits that brighten up the room. When Laferte stepped on stage, it felt as if a ray of sunshine engulfed the stage. The crowd roared with ecstatic screams as the lovely singer made her way to the center of the stage. The singer appeared stunning with her teal blue, white ruffled dress, and of course had a large rose in her hair.

She opened up strongly singing Tormento which caused the audience to scream even louder. During that whole majestic performance members of the audience held up large bouquets of flowers for the singer. She approached the edge of the stage without missing a note as she gleefully accepted each gift from her adoring fans. From the start Laferte had an exuberant time as she twirled her dress and danced throughout the evening. She took it up a notch with Vuelve Por Favor which blew me away. The catchy song Pa’ Dónde Se Fue played next, but my favorite played after that one; Si Tú Me Quisieras. Prior to this night I never heard that song, but I loved it the instant I heard it. “Ay, ay, ay de mí De este amor que se metió y que se dispara.” Those were the lyrics which I tried singing along to even though I barely knew the words. Primaveral had a fun upbeat sound as the previous songs had. By this time in the concert the audience were singing and dancing along to everything the singer sang to them. Suddenly the night turned emotional as the singer emerged with El Cristal and La Trenza. She paid a touching tribute to Juan Gabriel, who passed away in 2016, with her performance of El Cristal. Cielito De Abril, Yo Te Qui, and Flor De Amapola continued showcasing the range of Laferte holds. The artist has the power to make the audience feel what she’s going through in every song whether she’s experiencing love or heartbreak.

At the middle of the concert Laferte brings a man on stage to the surprise of many. Handing him the microphone the man stated, “Yo te amo mucho, pero amo a mi novio mas!” The crowd erupted with cheers as his boyfriend made his way on stage. Once on stage the man confessed his love to his boyfriend and proposed to him. The boyfriend accepted the proposal and the two passionately kissed one another. In a turn of events the man turned out to be surprised when his boyfriend took a ring out to propose to him too. My heart warmed viewing this whole interaction play out on stage. Laferte smiled happily through all of this and even posed for a selfies with the newly engaged couple. She dedicated her song song,  Amor Completo to the engaged couple after they left the stage. After Flaco, she covered a cover of Los Saicos’s Ana flawlessly. I wish Juanes would make a surprise appearance during Amárrame, but that turned out to be wishful thinking. Despite that, Laferte gave a remarkable number that turned out to be my favorite of the night. Around this time Laferte busted out a harmonica playing it masterfully. During No Te Fumes Mi Marihuana she jumped into the crowd! She body surfed to the middle of the venue before being taken back on stage. For a brief second it appeared that the crowd were going to drop her. Luckily that did not happen, but I almost had a mini heart attack seeing that. As the night progressed Laferte paid tribute to another artist that night, Selena. Her touching tribute of Si Una Vez had everyone in the crowd singing along. The fun continued with El Diablo, Que Si, and Mi Buen Amor following suit. The night ended on a memorable note as Laferte gave a fierce performance of Tu Falta De Querer.

My favorite moment of the concert occurred when the singer mentioned her citizenship. Though born in Chile she moved at a young age to live in Mexico. Being a citizenship of both countries she considers herself both Chilean and Mexican. The crowd greeted her with a strong applause from her little announcement. I love hearing Latin artist speak about their humble beginnings while not forgetting their roots. If you’ve been to one of her concerts, you can tell how humble and genuine Mon Laferte is. She did not disappoint at all and delivered one of the best performances that I’ve seen so far this year. Laferte laughed, danced, and twirled throughout the night. Her vocals are so beautiful I shouldn’t have been surprised at how fast her show sold out. She’s absolutely marvelous and can deliver one incredible concert. I cannot wait for another opportunity to see her and this time I will buy my tickets on time.

Mon Laferte Setlist
1. Tormento
2. Vuelve Por Favor
3. Pa’ Dónde Se Fue
4. Si Tú Me Quisieras
5. Primaveral
6. El Cristal
7. La Trenza
8.  Cielito De Abril
9. Yo Te Qui
10. Flor De Amapola
11. Amor Completo
12. Flaco
13. Ana (Los Saicos cover)
14. Amárrame
15. No Te Fumes Mi Marihuana
16. Si Una Vez (Selena cover)
17. El Diablo
18. Que Si
19. Mi Buen Amor
20. Tu Falta De Querer

Trivial Notes

  • 5th time at the House of Blues, Anaheim.
  • 2nd time seeing Mon Laferte, 1st time seeing La Misa Negra.
  • Sold out show!
  • Mon Laferte’s official Instagram page liked two of photos I tagged her in.