Roadcase Royale
MIRAGE Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band
Date: June 2, 2017
 The Rose, Pasadena

roadcase royale

There were many big artists performing this particular night all over Southern California. It’s official, summer has started now that big name artists are going on tour. I noticed that The Rose posted on their Instagram page mentioning locations in Pasadena that were offering free tickets for the Roadcase Royale concert. I immediately jumped at this opportunity as seeing Nancy Wilson live has been a dream of mine. Heading to Poo-Bah Records off of Colorado Blvd I grabbed my free ticket all for that evening.

Roadcase Royale is a relatively new super group band which formed in early 2017. Liv Warfield is a R&B singer who was a protégé  of the late great artist Prince. She joined his backing band The New Power Generation being featured on his “Lotusflow3r” album. Nancy Wilson is best known for being half of the rock band Heart. At the current moment Heart is on a hiatus due to conflict between Nancy and her sister Ann. If you’re interested in reading more about the conflict between the siblings click here to read this detailed Rolling Stones article. Rounding out the rest of Roadcase Royale is lead guitarist and also Prince protégé Ryan Waters with Heat members Ben Smith (drums), Chris Joyner (keys), and Dan Rothchild (bass). The band are currently on tour with The Rose being their third stop after their concerts at The Coach House and The Canyon.

MIRAGE the Fleetwood Mac tribute band were in the middle of their set as I entered the venue. Michelle Tyler, lead singer, let out her inner Stevie Nicks as she beautifully sang Landslide. She changed outfits from a black dress with a red shawl to a white flowing dress. Bruce Lawrence stepped into the Lindsay Buckingham role as he rocked the guitar. Carla Buffa as Christine McVie was on the keyboard with Bob Weitze stepping into the role of John McVie (bass) and Richard Graham as Mick Fleetwood (drums) rounded out the rest of the band. As previously mentioned the Landslide performance remains my favorite from them. Hearing it live became quite an experience and I honestly lost myself during that whole song. Other people in the audience cheered as they adjusted their seats to obtain a better view of the stage. They ended their set with Don’t Stop which had the audience on the dance floor. This tribute band is marvelous and I would love to view a complete performance from them.

The moment that Roadcase Royale entered the stage I knew they were going to rock. The two stunning ladies appeared on stage wearing all black outfits with Warfield’s containing a rose pattern. Nice touch considering they were calling at a place called The Rose. Before this night I never heard of Liv Warfield but I turned into a fan of hers by the end of the night. She blew me away with her extraordinary singing talents, which combined with her powerful energy captivated me. Nancy Wilson turned out to be everything I hoped she would be live. She played killer guitar solos while being completely humble through it all. Right off the bat they dove into their first single Get Loud. This is the first song I ever heard from the band and I absolutely loved it. These women know how to rock and put on an impressive concert. Throughout the night most of these songs had a light, feelgood mood to them. That being said, there were a few emotional songs with The Dragon being the biggest gut wrenching. Nancy wrote this song decades ago for her dearly departed friend Alice of Chains singer Layne Stanley. She wrote the song in response to his heroin addiction but up to this point it had never been recorded. As Wilson introduced the song she stated that this performance would also be dedicated to “another brother from Seattle, Chris Cornell.” The band did those two justice with that outstanding song played live.

One word to describe the chemistry among these ladies on stage; phenomenal. These two were in perfect sync as they played off one another. Though they’ve been on the road for a short time, it felt that they have been doing this for years. They weren’t taking requests – haven’t been together long enough for that- but engaged the audience. From one of her speeches I believe it’s been a minute since Wilson played these small club shows. However, I believe that she enjoyed the intimacy these small clubs provided. Warfield shined with Blackbird demonstrating her range of talent. Wilson’s memorable moment, for me at least, turned out to be when she played Crazy On You. Part of me throughout the night kept on hoping for a Heart number, especially Barracuda. That didn’t come to fruition but Crazy On You is a wonderful song to listen live. When Wilson started playing the chords I completely lost it. I screamed the chorus as loud as I could as I saw her tear up her guitar. The night came to an end with Never Say Die serving as their last number. The ladies exceed all of my expectations as they kept blowing me away with their talent. I can’t wait to see what they have in store in the near future.

Roadcase Royale Setlist
1. Get Loud
2. Even It Up
3. Not Giving Up
4. Hold On To My Hand
5. The Dragon
6. All Is Fair
7. Controversy
8. Mind Your Business
9. Two
10. These Dreams
11. Blackbird
12. Insaniac
13. Silver Wheels
14. Crazy On You
15. No Way Back
16. Never Say Die

Trivial Notes

  • 8th concert at The Rose.
  • 1st time seeing Roadcase Royale.
  • Roadcase Royale’s 3rd concert performance overall.
  • Liv Warfield’s official Instagram page liked the two photos of the band.
  • Roadcase Royale’s official Instagram page liked the two photos I tagged them in.