The Blasters
Cutty Flam
Date: June 9, 2017
 The Parish, Anaheim


After being open for 5 months I finally obtained free tickets at the House of Blues, Anaheim. For a while I believed that I would never see another free show here. The first free show turned out to be The Blasters, whom I’ve previously seen 2 years prior; in Orange County coincidentally. The original plan consisted of me attending the concert alone. Instead my partner surprised me and tagged along even though he doesn’t enjoy this style of music. I won the tickets from a promoter who also hooked me up with access to the VIP Foundation room. This section of the venue turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. Exquisite statues surrounded the room with a massive diamond stunted chandelier hung in the middle; and this is just the waiting room. Me and my partner were speechless when we first laid eyes on this room. The night started off on a terrible beginning as obtaining my tickets took longer than anticipated. There happen to be a mix up, but in the end I got my free tickets.

Thanks to the mix up we missed the majority of Cutty Flam’s performance. Prior to this night I never heard of this band, but I enjoyed what little I heard. Cutty Flam are a three piece Rock n’ Roll band that hail from the San Fernando Valley. The band consist of Cutty on guitar, Bang Bangs on drums, and Chewy Lewy on bass. When I entered the Parish I flat out became mesmerized with this bands sound. My fondness of the energy, style, and good o’ Rock n’ Rolls sound the band exhibited on stage made me an instant fan. Hearts covered the stage as two functioning heart-shaped lamps graced the stage illuminating the band members jewel crusted heart pins. The band should be proud of themselves as they did a swell, bang up job of getting the audience to dance and sway all around. Female drummer Bang Bangs did a marvelous task of drumming up a storm and singing beautifully to boot. Chewy Lewy and Cutty both sang harmoniously through out the night as their boss guitar skills stunned the crowd. The three dressed in rockabilly attire that hyped the authenticity of their performance on stage. These kids were the ginchiest hep cats around!

The Blasters arrived on stage to the thunderous applause of the audience. The 39 year-old band originated from Downey, California forming in 1978. The band consists of brothers  Dave Alvin (guitar) and Phil Alvin (vocals and guitar) with Bill Bateman (drums) and John Bazz (bass guitarist) rounding out the rest of the band. Moments after setting up the band dove into Dave Alvin’s Long White Cadillac. The four members wore denim/flannel button up shirts reminiscent of cowboy attire. Throughout the evening the bands Americana sound feverishly got the audience to dance and move around. Their blend of blues, punk rock, and rockabilly became a nice change of pace as it’s been an extended period of time since I’ve viewed a band perform this style of music. The crowd that night were interesting as most of the people surrounding me were completely drunk. I’ve had interesting interactions with a few of them to say the least. One thing I did enjoy about the crowd had to be two men who wore concert shirts of two shows I’ve seen previously; Elvis Costello and X. Back to the band, I had a difficult time viewing them on stage due to being near the back. From what I could view the bands were just as phenomenal as they were when I last saw them. Phil’s rockin’ singing kept the excitement high in the room all through the night. Dave and John’s guitar playing ranked high among the best that I’ve seen. Finally Bill played the drums triumphantly as he grooved along with the other fellas. Viewing this band brought back memories which reminded me as to why I love this band. My partner on the other band preferred Cutty Flam as he stated that The Blasters music sounded too old for him. If he can’t dance to the music then he won’t like it. We exited the venue once the band ended their performance of American Music. Dave busted out a harmonica and played an extraordinary solo on that instrument. With that my night at the House of Blues, Anaheim ended on a high note.

The Blasters Setlist
1. Long White Cadillac (Dave Alvin song)
2. Crazy Baby
3. Rock My Blues Away (Clarence “Gatemout” Brown cover)
4. Border Radio
5. Precious Memories
6. Well Oh Well (Tiny Bradshaw cover)
7. Dark Night
8. Trouble Bound
9. I’m Shakin’ (Little Willie John cover)
10. Rebound ( Charlie Rich cover)
11. Big F
12. So Long Baby Goodbye
13. Daddy Rolling Stone (Otis Blackwell cover)
14. Red Rose
15. Blue Shadows
16. American Music

17. Marie, Marie
18. One Bad Stud

Trivial Notes

  • 2nd show at The Parish, Anaheim.
  • 2nd time seeing The Blasters.
  • 1st time seeing Cutty Flam.