Wild Child
Date: June 10, 2017
 House of Blues, Anaheim


This night wound up becoming the second time that I would view Wild Child all within the same circumstances. I won free tickets from the same promoter as I did two years ago and from the same venue, House of Blues in Anaheim. One difference is the location of the venue which moved down one block at The Garden Walk. Coincidentally, I arrived late to the point that I missed the opening band as I did the first time around. This time however, I brought along my camera so now I have “official” photos of the band. Throughout the night I kept thinking that this night would wound up to be a do-over for myself. I don’t quite remember the first time I saw Wild Child but this would be my second chance for “redemption” in a sense. The stage had been set up just as I previously remembered it; the drum set placed on a platform surrounded by a wall of glass. Not a clue what the wall of glass serves, but if I had to guess I believe it has to do with the sound the drums make. As I waited for the band to start I surveyed the venue. The place had become packed to the wall with Doors fans surrounding the venue.

Soon the moment had arrived as Dave Brock and the members of Wild Child made their entrance. Brock wore all black with a large cross dangled around his neck this evening. Brock approached the microphone singing “You know the day destroys the night, Night divides the day.” He started out with the classic Doors song Break On Through (To The Otherside) to the enthusiasm of the crowd. I don’t believe there’s a better tribute band of The Doors than this band. Dave Brock is a remarkable lead singer who does justice to Jim Morrison. The rest of the band members were unparalleled in their talents in performing these classic rock songs. Through the night Brock kept knocking each song out of the park. His magnetic powerful allure had all eyes on him as he performed in such a hypnotic manner. There were memorable performances throughout that night that jogged my memory of the first time seeing this band. Before performing Riders On The Storm, Brock dedicated the song to late Doors keyboard member Ray Manzarek. Brock went on to explain that this song was Manzarek’s favorite to perform live. The keyboardist unfortunately passed away in 2013, but Dave Brock had the great fortune to work with the legendary Doors members for years in the Manzarek–Krieger band. Brock left me astonished by the end as this talented singer gave an outstanding performance. Other favorites of mine during the night were Light My Fire, The End, and L.A. Woman. Obviously the band performed other Doors songs but these ranked high because they happen to be my favorite songs from The Doors catalog. As the night winded up I left the venue with fond memories of what transpired on stage.

Trivial Notes

  • 2nd time seeing Wild Child.
  • 6th concert at House of Blues, Anaheim at The Garden Walk.