La Pobreska
December 7, 2014
The Observatory Orange County


I made the decision to attend the concert due to my desire to view this band live. At this point in time I’ve only attended one concert, The Killers, but have been on the look out to see what my next show would be. I couldn’t let this opportunity slip by as I made up my mind that I would attend it by myself. Thinking to myself I figured if I can make it through a Molotov concert alone then I can make it to at any concert. During this period of time I would be nervous attending any location alone, oh how the times have changed. I expected the night to be filled with berserk mayhem; I ended up being correct. As fate would have it I did not end up going alone. Two of my friends ended up buying tickets for the concert so I tagged along with them.

Molotov at this time were on their Agua Maldita tour to promote their latest album of the same name. This is their fifth studio album, which in 2014 won the Latin Grammy award for Best Rock album. The band holds special meaning to me as they were one of the first Rock en Español bands I listened to. The music videos for Here We Kum and Frijolero received heavy rotation on LATV (not having internet this channel became my only means of watching music videos). These videos provided my first exposure of the band of which turned me into a large fan of theirs. Once we entered the venue my friends made the decision to view the concert in the pit area. Let me say this, never again. Wow, I never felt so crammed up as I did that night. I could hardly move and the view of the stage is not the best unless if you’re all the way in the front. I still don’t understand the appeal of mosh pits, it’s something that doesn’t appeal to me. I lasted as long as I could, but left halfway through Molotov’s performance. Well I’m getting a head of myself.

This so far is the rowdiest group of concert goers that I’ve ever encountered thus far. By the time the first band arrived the restless crowded were ready for Molotov. In a short period of time La Pobreska won over the crowd with their hardcore ska sound. Lead singer Jose Barraza’s strong personality united with his powerful vocals made him a force to be reckoned with. I’ve never viewed an artists posses such a powerful demeanor as this man. I loved this bands performance though, so much so that I began to listen to other similar ska bands as them. The band member’s incredible talents were unforgettable especially that of Memo Rodriguez. Where I stood in the mosh pit area he along with Barraza were the only members I could see clearly. Rodriguez’s charming guitar skills impressed the hell out of me; loved seeing him shred the guitar throughout the setlist. Of the songs that they performed the one that stood out for me is their hit Cruces De Tijuana. It’s a staple of theirs that I look forward to every time I see the band.

Molotov erupted on stage to the deafening  noise of  the audience’s applause. Their loud explosive sound left my ears ringing for hours to come. They began the night with Noko followed by Amateur (Rock Me Amadeus). The latter proved to be a rocking smash with that infectious chorus. Molotov consists of Ismael “Tito” Fuentes de Garay, Miguel Ángel “Miky” Huidobro Preciado “Huidos”, Juan Francisco “Paco” Ayala Gonzalez, and Randall “Randy, El Gringo Loco” Ebright. The members of the band switch up what instruments they play depending on the song as well as other factors from what I’ve noticed. These guys blew me away the moment they entered the stage. The level of dismadre this Mexican band created is unparalleled to anything I’ve witnessed. The raucous level of their music along with their energetic power leaves an everlasting mark. A highlight of mine came about when I heard the intro of Here We Kum blasted from the stage. This is the track that introduced to the band so of course I had to sing it at the top of my lungs. A surprise that occurred that night had been when someone I had a class at CSUF appeared. I observed as he jumped into the mosh pit a few feet in front of me partaking into the craziness. I honestly didn’t expect to see anyone I would recognize that night.

The band’s energy never ceased or lowered even for a second. They all kept up this grand power as they fed off the wild audience’s feedback. Folks on the second level constantly threw half filled beer cans to the pit below spraying all in alcohol. At one point a can hit me on the back as my jacket became soaked wet in beer. My energy perked up at the back to back performances of Gimme Tha Power and Frijolero. Two of their most political songs whose meanings were amplified live as one could see the reaction of not only the band but the rest of the audience. The lights behind the stage constantly changed colors of purple, blue, yellow, etc. During these political tracks the lights were changed to the colors of green, red, and white (color of the Mexican flag). An enthusiastic fan in front proudly waved the Mexican flag to the band who reacted positively to see it. Towards the end of the concert the band invited their female fans to join them on stage. Soon swarm of female audience members were onstage singing or taking selfies with the band. Once the band left the stage chants of “culero, culero, culerto” filled the venue until they came back for the encore. They ended the night with the dynamic Puto. I recall jumping and up along with everyone while yelling out “PUTO!” By the end I could hardly speak from all the yelling, but hey it had been worth it.

Molotov Setlist
1. Noko
2. Amateur (Rock Me Amadeus)
3. Santo Niño de Atocha
4. Oleré y Oleré y Oleré El UHU
5. Chinga Tu Madre
6. Here We Kum
7. Lagunas Metales
8. No Existe
9. Parásito
10. La Raza Pura Es La Pura Raza
11. Blame Me
12. Changüich a La Chichona
13. Perro Negro Granjero (Perro Negro y Callejero & La Grange)
14. Fuga
15. Gimme Tha Power
16. Frijolero
17. Hit Me (Gimme tha Power II)
18. Marciano I (I Turned Into a Martian)
19. Marciano II (Punk Version)
20. Crazy Chola Loca
21. Más Vale Cholo / Blanca Navidad /
22. Dance and Dense Denso

23. Mátate Teté
24. Puto


Rockeros. December 8, 2014. “Molotov llego a The Observatory de Santa Ana con su Agua Maldita Tour” by Pierre H.

Trivial Notes

  • 1st concert at The Observatory, Santa Ana.
  • 1st time seeing Molotov
  • 1st time seeing La Pobreska.