Duncan Dhu
July 8, 2017
The Novo


I won tickets for this concert through LATV (thank you). The catch for this was that I had to pick up the tickets in their Santa Monica office. I busted a mission getting there, however it would be worth it in the end. Words cannot begin to explain how ecstatic I became when I won, I saved myself some money on seeing a glorious Latino band. I invited one of my friends to tag along and soon we were set off to see the venue. We arrived early so we decided to explore the area and grab some Starbucks. Once 7:00 pm rolled around we entered The Novo – both of us have never been to the venue before – found a great spot to drink and eat. The venue turned out to be smaller than I anticipated, but I loved the intimacy it offered. My friend and I chatted for hours mostly on horror films and the hit Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.” As we chatted the venue started to fill up as anticipation for the band grew. No one served as the opening act, which did not surprise. I had hoped the band would show up an hour after doors had opened but it took them two hours to begin. This ended up being the largest delay I ever experienced at a concert. I’ll be honest in saying that part of me started to become irritated in all the waiting. My friend on the other hand expected this as mostly all the concerts she attends rarely start on time.

Duncan Dhu are a rock band which formed at San Sebastián, Spain in 1984. The original members of the band consisted of Mikel Erentxun, Juan Ramón Viles, and Diego Vasallo. The band experienced success with their rock and rockabilly style of music since it’s inception. The band broke up in 2001, but have reformed as of 2013. The moment the band hit the stage everyone in the crowd screamed with excitement…well almost everyone. According to my friend the female fan next to her had a stink face throughout the whole time. Like mujer you’re at a concert for an awesome band, be happy! Also one of the sound technicians next to me didn’t care for the band as he had headphones on watching”X-Men 2″ throughout their entire performance. It was their loss as the band did put on one hell of a performance.

Technical issues plagued the band for the first couple of minutes. Erentxun kept stating to the sound technicians to lower the guitar’s sound…which they finally did after five songs. Also one of his guitars seemed to have an issue which took a while to fix. Maybe that guy watching that X-Men film should have tried to help fix the issues at hand, just saying. Regardless of these technical issues, the band were on fire the whole night. Speaking of the day of the concert turned out to be one of the hottest days so far for the summer (temperatures rising over 100 degrees). The heat seemed to have gotten to Erentxun as he took off his jean jacket early on. As the band played through the night my friend realized something about the band that she never noticed before. She’s a bigger fan of them than I, but she never noticed that the band had a country vibe to them. I noticed it early on which I have to admit that I enjoyed thoroughly. The rockabilly, country sound in Spanish created a soothing, laid back atmosphere that lasted through the evening. After this night, I need to invest time in researching other bands that are similar in style to them. All five members of the band, expect the drums, wore dark clothing which contrasted nicely with the bright colorful lights of the stage.

My favorite performances of the night included No Puedo Evitar Pensar En Ti, Una Calle De Paris, and Palabras Sin Nombre. The drunken crowd proved to be fun as some seemed to forget what band they were viewing – some drunk guys screamed for them to perform Tren Al Sur, a song by Los Prisioneros. An outrageous moment at the concert occurred at the end when one of the guitarist approached Erentxun at the center of the stage. This only occurred a few seconds but from I recall this is what happened. The guitarist got on his knees and started playing in front of Erentxun which looked like he placed the guitar close to Erentxun’s knees. That looked so odd which caused the audience to laugh. Just like Elvis Costello this band did two encores to the unexpected crowd. At the end of one of these performances Erentxun dropped on the ground still playing the guitar. He laid completely on his back as he shredded that guitar like no other. Erentxun is a talented front man whose guitar playing and singing skills are top notched. His mesmerizing talent kept me engaged on stage even to the songs that I was unfamiliar with. He turned out to be a class act all night as he jumped into the front of the crowd and singed a record while giving away guitar picks to hardcore fans.  The band ended their setlist with En Algun Lugar, their most iconic song. I waited the whole night to hear this song performed live just like my friend did. In fact she had a few songs she had been waiting for and would grab her phone ready to record. She would get all excited when a new song would be played hoping it be one of her favorite songs. When it turned out it wasn’t she would put her phone down in disappointment. Throughout this last song it felt like everyone in the room either recorded or were taking photos of them (myself included). The lights turned on as the audience gave them a loud ovation as they took a bow. It’s true what they say that some of the best things in life are free…when you win contests!

Duncan Dhu Setlist
1. El Ritmo de La Calle
2. A Tientas
3. No Dejaria De Querete
4. Jardin De Rosas
5. No Puedo Evitar Pensar En Ti
6. La Herida
7. Una Calle De Paris
8. Como Dioses Pequeño
9. No Debes Marchar
10. La Casa Azul
11. Capricornio
12. Palabras Sin Nombre
13. Entre Salitre Y Sudor
14. Esos Ojos Negros
15. Cien Gaviotas
16. La Barra De Este Hotel
17. A Tu Lado
18. Esperare A Que Se Esconda El Sol
19. Mundo De Cristal
20. En Algun Lugar

Trivial Notes

  • 1st concert at The Novo.
  • 1st time seeing Duncan Dhu.
  • Mikel Erentxun’s official Instragram liked the two photos I tagged him in.
  • Mikel Erentxun’s official Twitter liked my tweets about the concert and actually retweeted my post!
  • Duncan Dhu’s official Instagram liked the two photos I tagged them in.