News hit recently that Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington had committed suicide at the age of 41. I first learned of the news when I tuned in to MartyInYourEar on 98.7FM when he broke the news to the audience. One could hear how hard he tried to hold back the tears as he spoke. I could relate to his pain as I fought back my tears as I drove back home. I still cannot believe that he’s gone! He died just like his good friend Chris Cornell did; today would have been Cornell’s 53rd birthday by the way. He was one of many celebrities at Cornell’s funeral and sang Hallejulah. Coincidentally Linkin Park’s Youtube page released the bands official music video for Talking To Myself. I never had the opportunity to see him live, but planned on attending the bands Hollywood Bowl performance this October. I did have the chance to see him play as the front man of Stone Temple Pilots back in 2015, but I passed on that. As much as I love Bennington, it’s not really Stone Temple Pilots without Scott Weiland. Now unfortunately he’s an artists that I’ll never see live in concert. I should have gone to his Stone Temple Pilots concert in retrospect.

Linkin Park were one of the first alternative bands that I could relate to out of others during my adolescent. Their first three albums –  “Hybrid Theory”, “Meteora”, and “Minutes to Midnight” – were among the albums that I listened heavily during high school. I can clearly remember buying “Minutes to Midnight” along with the film The Evil Dead at the now defunct Circuit City during my summer break after my sophomore year. The other two albums were ones that I found during my ventures to my local swamp meet. I can still remember how excited I felt coming across their albums as I add them to my collection. Upon graduating high school I never kept up with the band for unknown reasons. After New Divide I can’t recall any song after that of theirs. Well now I have four albums that I can look forward to listening to. I know that I’ll spend the majority of today listening to their albums, mostly watching their music videos. Among my favorite songs include Numb, Faint, What I’ve Done, Breaking The Habit, Shadow of The Day, PapercutNew Divide, and Somewhere I Belong. Rest In Piece I hope that you’re in a better place now.