Lana Del Rey recently announced this past Thursday that she would be playing two intimate shows at two different House of Blues locations; Anaheim and San Diego. These shows are two promote the release of her fifth studio album “Lust for Life”. The San Diego show will be on July 31st while the Anaheim show is scheduled for August 1st. Fans had the option to get presale tickets if they bought Del Rey’s album off her official website before 8:59pm on Thursday July 27th. These fans would receive an email with the presale password to purchase tickets. Looking through social media however, it seems a few of these fans never received the password for the presale option.

Tickets went on sale on the public on 10:00 am on Saturday July 29th for the Anaheim show…well they were suppose to. I expected the concert to sell out so I planned on buying the tickets right at 10:00 am that Saturday. I’m no stranger to buying tickets for concerts that sell out within a few minutes (Chicano Batman, Dreamcar, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Social Distortion) so I know what to do. Right at 10 I went online to buy the tickets and received the following message: “Sorry, there was an error with search.” I never encountered this before, and the tickets were never made available to me. I kept refreshing the page for an hour, but no luck. Soon the page’s message changed to “Sorry, tickets are currently not available. Please check back later.” Looking through Twitter and Facebook everybody else who tried to get tickets met the same fate as myself. It seems tickets “sold out” within a few seconds screwing fans over.

The only fans I noticed that were able to get tickets were the ones that got the presale code. Other than that I couldn’t find a single person who got tickets that Saturday. Tickets were on sale on Stubhub ranging from $900 to $1000 dollars. Note that the tickets original price are around $65 (that’s including fees). Well “cheaper” tickets were available through Vividseats ranging from $463 to $2,700 dollars. Damn scalpers, these prices are freaking ridiculous. I personally never buy tickets from scalpers because I’m not interesting in buying tickets more than asking price. Not going to support those jerks in anyway. I’m disappointed that I won’t go to the concert, but I want to know what happened. Were there really that many fans that bought tickets within seconds? Was it scalpers that got their tickets? Or was it something else?

Leave your thoughts on this below. If you’re one of the people that couldn’t or actually got tickets leave a message to let us know your story.

***Take caution buying tickets from other individuals. From what I’ve read from people that got tickets from presale, tickets are will call only.