Third Eye Blind
Silversun Pickups
Ocean Park Standoff
July 20, 2017
Greek Theater, Los Angeles


Third Eye Blind are currently on their Summer Gods tour. Originally the band planned to release an EP in the summer of 2017, “Summer Gods”, and use this tour to promote it. The EP release is currently delayed, nevertheless the band still decided to embark on this tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut album. Joining them on this tour were rock bands Silversun Pickups and Ocean Park Standoff. My motivation to attend this concert is an event that occurred earlier that day.  Early in the morning news broke that Linkin Park’s lead singer Chester Bennington committed suicide. The news devastated me to the core; it became difficult to hold back the tears when I first heard this on the radio. At that moment I felt I had to do something that day, something to remember this day. Having the day off work I decided to attend this concert as Third Eye Blind has been on my bucket list. His death hit me hard just as Chris Cornell and Scott Weiland’s deaths did. This is one of the primary reasons why I attend as many concerts as I do; to see performers before they’re gone. Life care be taken away without notice so we have to make the most of it while we can. For me, music has had a major impact on me so seeing these performers live is what I’m most interested in doing with my life at the moment.

To my complete surprise the show had almost completely sold out. I nabbed one of three tickets available and set off for the evening. The cool breeze mingled with the warm rays of the sun provided one of the best atmospheres for an outside concert. Ocean Park Standoff were the first band to perform this day. The pop rock band formed the previous year and are currently signed with Hollywood Records. The band consists of Pete Nappi, Samantha Ronson, and Ethan Thompson. Before this night I only knew of Ronson due to her brief relationship with Lindsay Lohan back in 2007. Behind the members stood a huge black banner with the bands name written in white. Singer Thompson’s soulful voice won me over from the start. His constant energy of jumping around while moving on stage kept all eyes on him. “I’ve been waiting to say this all tour. What’s up Los Angeles?” Thompson remarked as the LA band were back home. The standout of their setlist that night is the fourth song they performed, “Good News.  The feelgood chorus of the song lifted my spirits that day, “I need some good news baby.” During “Lost Boys” the lyrics consisted of “Let’s take our clothes off” which Thompson obliged to. Overall the band had terrific feelgood songs that proved to be fun to dance along to.

The strobe of flashing lights on stage signaled the arrival of the next band; Silversun Pickups. The Los Angeles alternative rock band formed in 2002 – this year marks their 15th year anniversary  – and just like the previous band they’re back at their hometown. The band members at this time are Brian Aubert (vocals, guitar), Chris Guanlao (drums), Joe Lester (keyboards), and Nikki Monninger (vocals, bass). “Nightlight established the explosive performance the band had in store for the audience. The lights were important in the song as green lights furnished the stage during the quiet sections of the song. For the explosive, loud sections the stage became shrouded in orange lights during the “we want it” chant. “Well Thought Our Twinkles played next followed by “The Royal We to the explosion of purple and yellow lights. At the end of the song Aubert mentioned the tragedy of Chester Bennington’s death briefly. Next they played “Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance) which according to Aubert is one of Monninger’s favorite songs. She played an extended guitar solo perfectly as she sang harmoniously with Aubert. “The Pit consisted of soft and loud changes filled with plenty of rocking guitar solos. The stage filled with a heavy blanket of fog all throughout “Substitution.

The venue soon became covered in red lighting as people clapped along to “Friendly Fires. Loved how the red lighting of the stage represented not only “fire” but the fierceness of the members. Especially of Monninger who once again delivered an outstanding guitar solo. As the fierceness died down, the lights changed to purple signaling its cooling end. Before “Latchkey Kids Aubert mentioned their love for Ocean Park Standoff as a band that can blow your face off and who were “great kissers”. They played my favorite song next, an extended version of “Panic Switch. I felt alive again hearing this song performed live right upon my very own eyes. I strongly associate this track with my early college years. This would be one of the few bands that would perk my desire to expand my taste in music. They ended their set with “Dots and Dashes (Enough Already) and “Lazy Eye which ended on a warm note.

The stage became prepped for the last band of the night; Third Eye Blind. A large black mat with an imprint of a hand was placed up front of the stage. All the way in the back a tall platform appeared which the band members performed on initially. Due to where I sat I could see one of the guitarists and no one else. I became frustrated because for a brief moment I thought that the band were going to play all of their songs on the platform. For the first couple of songs I had to look at the screen to even have a glimpse of the band. I hated that, but soon thereafter the guitarists and the lead singer walked down stairs which was placed at the center of the platform. Third Eye Blind are an Alternative Rock band that hail from the city of San Francisco. The band started in 1993 and in three years were signed to Elektra Records. The band consists of Brad Hargreaves (drums), Stephan Jenkins (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Alex Kopp (keyboards), Alex LeCavalier (bass), and Kyrz Reid (lead guitar). All of the members wore black suits with the exception of Jenkins who had on a white long sleeve shirt.

The first few songs the band played were fun, but I never heard of any of them before. I can say though that I did enjoy what I heard. I honestly had no single clue what songs the band were to perform this evening. That’s why to my shock after Shipboard Cook Jenkins announced they were going to play their self-titled debut album from beginning to end. I became consumed with joy, I freaking love this album! Though this isn’t one of the albums I constantly have on repeat, the songs off it are ones that have left an everlasting impact on me. Upon hearing the chords to “Losing A Whole Year, I knew I made the right decision in attending this concert. “Semi-Charmed Life” had the whole audience explode with glee as they sung along to the chorus. I love the irony of the song because though it sounds like a feelgood song, it’s actually about a drug user’s descent into crystal meth addition. Now the real reason why I needed to attend the concert was to see “Jumper performed live. My understanding is that the song is about a gay man who commits suicide from jumping off a bridge. This is one of the few songs of suicide that doesn’t get me depressed. Though Bennington wasn’t gay, this song got stuck in my head after I heard the news of him. Without a doubt this is my favorite Third Eye Blind song. That being said, seeing them perform the song live became the highlight of the night for myself. One of my favorite aspects of the performance is when Jenkins screams “Ya ya yaaa!” He’d continued doing his trademark scream though the night. Of which every time I would became consumed with excitement. Toward the end of the song the entire audience started to hum the beat of the song, something that I’m glad I could be a part of.

After that fantastic performance the band kept on rolling out the hits. By this point Jenkins took off his white long sleeved shirt, so now all the members were wearing all black. “Graduate happened to be an enjoyable performance, one due to an incident that occurred onstage. In the middle of the song Jenkins accidentally dropped the microphone. His response was to kick the microphone stand in return. A stagehand quickly ran on stage to pick up the stand and handed the singer the microphone. During “Good For You Jenkins performed a back flip which shocked most of us in the crowd. Jenkins from beginning to end kept a strong presence on stage that impressed me. His strong, powerful vocals are incredibly fun to watch live. I cannot believe I’ve never seen this band live before. After this night I have a new appreciation for the band. Though Third Eye Blind isn’t one of my favorite 1990s band, after this evening I’m reconsidering it. I’m seeing this band in a new light which I’m thankful for. When the members came back stage for their encore Jenkins had on a cap which he wore backwards. It appeared amusing to be honest, got a chuckle out of it. The band ended their setlist with “God of Wine, leaving the night on a high note. Considering this is their Gods of Summer tour, I’m glad they ended the night with this track.

Third Eye Blind Setlist
1. Weightless
2. Company of Strangers
3. Horror Show
4. Wounded
5. Queen of Daydreams
6. Shipboard Cook
7. Losing A Whole Year
8. Narcolepsy
9. Semi-Charmed Life
10. Jumper
11. Graduate
12. How’s It Going To Be
13. Thanks A Lot
14. Burning Man
15. Good For You
16. London
17. I Want You
18. The Background
19. Motorcycle Drive By

20. Never Let You Go
21. God Of Wine

Silversun Pickups Setlist
1. Nightlight
2. Well Thought Out Twinkles
3. The Royal We
4. Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance)
5. The Pit
6. Substitution
7. Friendly Fires
8. Latchkey Kids
9. Panic Switch
10. Dots and Dashes (Enough Already)
11. Lazy Eye

Trivial Notes

  • 4th concert at The Greek Theatre.
  • 1st time seeing Third Eye Blind.
  • 1st time seeing Silversun Pickups.
  • 1st time seeing Ocean Park Standoff.