Date: October 15, 2017
Location: The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles


Evanescence are back on tour, this time with a 28 piece orchestra. The Gothic rock band are on the road promoting their latest album Synthesis set to be released on November 10th, 2017. This is the band’s fourth studio album, their first in six years since the release of their self titled album back in 2011. Their newest album features reworked versions of their previous songs, but includes a few new tracks. For fans who bought their concert tickets online, they’ll receive a free download of the album once it becomes available. As lead singer Amy Lee quipped in the beginning of the show, “This is the first time we’re performing an album before we release it”. The second stop of their Synthesis Tour brought them to The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles this evening.

Hundreds upon hundreds of fans lined up waiting patiently to enter the venue once the clock hit 7:00 pm. As fans settled into their seats multiple helicopters flew above circling the venue. A fire had broken out at the 2800 block of Observatory Drive around 6:56 p.m that evening; an area “well above” the Greek Theatre. Luckily, firefighters were able to extinguish the flames by 7:37 pm. For a moment it appeared that the theatre would be evacuated as an announcement came on at 7:30 pm. The announcement proved to be nothing more than a message promoting the venue’s social media page and upcoming shows.

At 8:00 pm a 28 piece orchestra arrived on stage with a conductor, Susie Seiter, who guided the performers through a string of classical pieces. For 25 minutes the orchestra beautifully played pieces ranging from Beethoven and Mozart. This elegant, classy music is one that I never thought I would hear live in person. The orchestra performed seven minute renditions of both La Strada and La Chasse so gorgeously. Humorously they ended their performance by playing Sally’s Song from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. As I boarded the shuttle a woman nearby me remarked how she felt as if she were attending a convention for that film by the way everyone dressed up. Soon thereafter the orchestra’s riveting performance came to an end.

Within a few minutes the orchestra arrived back on stage as they played the introduction to Overtune. Soon the stunning Amy Lee made her debut to the roar of fans. This night the elegant singer wore a stunningly, beautiful green overflowing gown. Her long beautiful hair perfectly matching the mood of the night. Through the night the exquisite singer presented her distinctive range of her vocals to the fans. She held out long, high notes which were met by standing ovation by the audience. The audience were not the only one excited for this performance as Lee stated to the audience “It is a dream to be doing this here with you”. Believe us, so many of us that night had our dreams come true being able to see Amy Lee live in person for the first time. Though the focus of the night undeniable ended up being Amy Lee, the other members of Evanescence were there in full force. These band members added a layer of rock aesthetic that would be sprinkled through the night. The other members of the band include Troy McLawhorn (lead guitar), Jen Majura (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Tim McCord (bass guitar), and Will Hunt (drums, percussion).

Never Go Back beget the night as Lee sang the melancholy song  with ease; one of their newest song from the album. Memories of high school were brought back to me once Lacrymosa became unleashed on stage. A few songs into the performance Lee paused, while addressing the audience stating that she had to check the set list. This is barely their second stop of their tour, so it’s understandable that she might not have had the list memorized by then. Other highlights of the evening included the emotional performance of Lithium with Lee masterfully playing the piano. Fan favorite Bring Me To Life played next, abit without the male vocals of 12 Stones’ Paul McCoy. Though his vocals were missing, fans shouted out the lyrics filling in the gap. The best performance of the night had to be Imaginary. This slow pace song further displayed Lee’s vocal strengthens like no other as we were transported to this imaginary place that Lee paints so vividly.

New track Hi-Lo would be welcomed by fans with open arms as one fan shouted “I already love it!” a few seconds in. The emotional impact of My Immortal tug at the heart strings as some wiped tears away. The saddening sound of Your Star kept the audience on the edge of their seats as Lee let her emotions flow to the top. Before taking a break the newest single Imperfection made it’s debut to the Los Angeles region. Regardless of the name of the track, the song is one of the more perfect singles the band has released in years. The band returned for an encore consisting of Speak To Me, Good Enough, and Swimming Home. Instead of ending the night on a loud, rock tone these last songs had a soothing allure. The ghostly rendition of Good Enough warmed the hearts of everyone at the venue. At the end of Swimming Home the audience stood up giving the band a loud standing ovation one last time. Lee and the rest of the band took a bow finishing the night.

Evanescence Setlist
1. Overtune
2. Never Go Back
3. Lacrymosa
4. End of the Dream
5. My Heart Is Broken
6. Lithium
7. Bring Me To Life
8. Unraveling
9.  Imaginary
10. Secret Door
11. Hi-Lo
12. Lost in Paradise
13. Your Star
14. My Immortal
15. The In-Between
16. Imperfection

17. Speak To Me
18. Good Enough
19. Swimming Home

Orchestra Setlist
1. La Strada (Nino Rota cover)
2. La Chasse (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart cover)
3. Pavane (Gabriel Fauré cover)
4. Moonlight Sonata (Ludwig van Beethoven)
5. Adagio Cantabile (Ludwig van Beethoven)
6. Lacrimosa (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart cover)
7. Sally’s Song (Danny Elfman cover)


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Trivial Notes

  • 6th concert at The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles.
  • 1st time seeing Evanescence.