The Sounds
Date: November 13, 2017
Location: The Fonda Theatre

the sounds 2

Won tickets for this concert courtesy of OC Sellout (thank you again). In fact, most music promoters were giving away free tickets for both The Sounds’ Fonda Theatre shows. Regardless, a good number of energetic fans made their way to Hollywood to see this Swedish indie rock band in action. The band announced on their social media pages that their performances at this venue would consist of different songs every night. These changes added excitement as each night would be unique, as well as making the audience clueless on what songs would be played.

At 8:00 pm Ggoolldd arrived on stage, stunning and breathtaking as last week. Singer Margaret Butler had on the same black outfit, red robe with MADNESS on the back, and light up shoes. The band began the evening playing Without You as Butler dazzled the audience; especially one drunk Latino fan in the front. Having a bit too much to drink, he shouted random phases such as “I’m so horny” or “my balls”. Try as she might but Butler could not contain in her laughter as she giggled at his outburst. At the end of The Way That I Feel, the singer swooped down to the audience, dancing with female fans. After planting a few kisses and hugs with them she jumped back on stage to end the band’s set with Undercovers. It needs to be mentioned that Butler’s microphone throwing skills have improved since beginning this tour. She still needs practice, but she’s getting the hang of it.

Around 8:45 pm the curtain rose exposing the next band of the night; Fitness. The lead singer could be see meditating on the floor as the other members were gearing up their instruments. Within a few seconds the loud vibrations of the band’s music could be felt on the floor. The singer bounced back on his feet as his energetic performance began. His energy once again would be high, rarely standing still, as he bobbed his head moving from side to side on stage. This night however, his movements had more grace; less erratic, jerky actions than last week. With a calmer demeanor, and standing closer to the band, I thoroughly enjoyed their performance unlike last weeks. I might have ended up being too critical of them, but they changed my opinion that night; something that rarely happens.

Keeping the high energy consistent, a juggler appeared on stage juggling bowling pins. He juggled for a good minute, never letting one drop as the audience cheered him on. After another brief meditation session, the lead singer stood up, walking to the center of the stage. He began singing Matter of Time, the only time where he would stand still. This is my favorite song of the band, their most sentimental by far. After that touching song, the band delved into more high energetic performances. That high energy would be contagious among a few fans who jumped up and down screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs. Good Bad Time ended their time on stage as the band walked off stage.

After half an hour of waiting, the male members of The Sound arrived on stage briefly playing an introduction song. Soon the woman of the hour, Maja Ivarsson, walked on stage dressed all in denim; a jacket and short shorts. Her gams were out in display as she strutted around the stage in high heels. From the moment she appeared onstage, she controlled the venue as all eyes were on her. The audience went absolutely ballistic as they jumped up and down dancing along to every word that came out of the singers mouth. As Ivarsson stated earlier “I hope you brought your dancing shoes”, which everyone in that venue did. The love that the audience had for the band would be expressed constantly. Throwing cigarettes on stage, the singer delightfully picked up every single one. “All of these cigarettes and no lighters.” She came prepared with one as she whipped it out smoking with no shame. Most noticeably she smoked during her acoustic performance of  Something To Die For. The only people on stage for the performance consisted of Ivarsson and Jesper Anderberg (keyboards), making this the most intimate number of the night. Under a dark blue lighting, Ivarsson bared out her soul, as the audience held on to her every word. No doubt about it, this ended up being the highlight of the night. Soon thereafter, the band including the two guitars (Félix Rodríguez and Johan Bengtsson) joined the rest of the group to continue the fun.

Through the evening the singer constantly toyed with audience. During multiple points the singer would playfully reach down and place her hand in her shorts during the sexual content of their songs. She would also adjust her bra, causing the straight male fans to shout in encouragement. At one point she placed the microphone between her breasts as she danced in front of all. She took off her heels for the second half of the show, but never went off stage. She appeared to be doing that but due to the passionate level of the fans she could not go in. Instead she hugged the drunken fan who shouted random phases during Ggoolldd’s performance. Fan favorites Living In America and Like A Lady brought among them the biggest reaction of the night.  During Outlaw, Ivarsson walked up to a photographer taking his police cap wearing it through that number. Towards the end of the evening the singer grabbed the Sweden flag that one fan dangled in front of her. She wrapped it around her before placing in front of drummer Fredrik Blond’s drum set. This would not be the only gift thrown to her as two fans threw pieces of clothing to her. She tried on the flannel which fit perfectly on her before diving into the last night of the evening; Hope You’re Happy Now. The singer spit on stage (not the only time), danced, and had the audience screaming for more. Sadly, the evening came to an end, but what an incredible performance it turned out to be.

The Sounds Setlist (Incomplete)
1. Painted By Numbers
2. Stay Free
3. Fire
4. Tony The Beat
5. Much Too Long
6. Mine For Life
7. Shake Shake Shake
8. No One Sleeps When I’m Awake
9. Thrill
10. The Darkness
11. Something To Die For
12. The Best Of Me
13. 4 Songs & A Fight
14. Living In America
15. Outlaw
16. Rock ‘n’ Roll

17. Like A Lady
18. Turn To Gold
19. Hope You’re Happy Now

Fitness Setlist
1. Love The Suffer
2. They Go Low
3. Get Dead
4. Matter Of Time
5. Feel The Weight
6. I Don’t Feel Anything
7. Good Bad Time

Ggoolldd Setlist
1. Without You
2. Secrets
3. City Lights
4. Excelsior Springs
5. The Way That I Feel
6. Undercovers

Trivial Notes

  • 6th concert at The Fonda Theatre.
  • 3rd time seeing The Sounds.
  • 2nd time seeing Fitness.
  • 2nd time seeing Ggoolldd.
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