There’s been an increase of fake Facebook profiles appearing on concert event pages trying to scam concert goers. People have been falling for them unfortunately, but can you blame them? Imagine if your favorite band comes into your town but it sells out before you can get a ticket. Then you see someone post that they’re not only selling tickets, but for a cheaper price! Too good to be true, right?! Well it is. However, people still fall for it due to having that small glimmer of chance of being able to go see their favorite band.

Here are tips on how to spot and avoid Facebook scammers.

First off from what I’ve observed most of the scammers copy and paste the same message in different concert event pages. Some of the wording may be different but the message remains the same. Here are examples of actual posts that scammers posted:

“i have 3 tickets for this event but i wont be able to attend as my work got in the way anyone interested should dm, selling at a lower price”

“My Twin sister just passed away and I’ll have to travel for her funeral. Need to sell our 4 tickets to the lowest price I and my sisters won’t be able to go due to the reason. DM or text me if interested”

“Not sure if we’re allowed to post tickets for sale in here or not – delete if not – however, the group that was coming with me can no longer make this show. I have 6 tickets available that I would really hate to get stuck with. Please pm me if you are interested in purchasing.”

“Can’t believe I would have to miss this event as my boss won’t give me a break to attend with my friends, Now I have to sell all 4 tickets at cheaper rate. Message me in DM if interested”

“we are putting our tickets up for sale because we cant make it to the can send me a direct message if you are interested in getting them”

“We have tickets for sale at a reasonable price PM for details”

“I’ve got tickets am trying to get rid of at a reduced cost because me and my friends will not be available. Pls send DM if interested. Thanks”

“I’ve got tickets for sale..kindly like and pm if you need any..thanks”

These are some of the most common and unique posts that I’ve seen from scammers. They try to lure you by offering “lower” prices for sold out concerts. I’ve noticed that these scammers post usually 48 hours before the concert is set to start. They love to post in Facebook event pages that have SOLD OUT in the title.

One of the biggest red flags is that these scammers barely create their Facebook profile a day or two ago before they start posting. Their profiles are bare with the exception of a few posts and fake photos on there. Their profile photo looks nothing like the rest of the photos they have on their profile; in some cases the ethnicity does not match up. Also pay attention to where they state that they live on their profile. Seen lots of scammers that have their profile state that their live thousands of miles away, but yet they bought so many tickets for a Southern California show?

If one of the messages says to text them, search up what the area code is. Most likely than not it’s not an area code number around you or even from your state. That should be a red flag that it’s fishy and that person is likely a scammer.

If the person asks you buy gift cards in exchange for concert tickets, they’re a scammer!

I’ve seen people swindled out of up to 300 dollars “buying” from scammers for a single concert. The best way to avoid this is to buy tickets from trusted secondary markets like StubHub. I personally don’t meet up with a buyer in person unless if I’m getting a physical ticket from them. It’s easy to fake an e-ticket then it is a physical ticket.

Those are some of my tips regarding the rising tide of scammers hitting Facebook trying to scam concert goers. Would love to hear your feedback regarding this, so please feel free to comment below!