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RIP Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell Press Image 3 - Credit Jeff Lipsky
Chris Cornell Press Image 3 – Credit Jeff Lipsky

Woke up to the shocking news this morning that Soundgarden and Audioslave singer Chris Cornell passed away. News is still breaking in as to the cause of death, but many outlets are reporting that it might have been a possible suicide. Cornell’s representative Brian Bumbery stated that the death came “sudden and unexpected.” Cornell was the lead singer for the bands Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden, and Audioslave as well as released a few solo albums.  The 52 year old singer leaves behind his wife and three children, my biggest sympathy to them during this time.

The first time I heard a Chris Cornell song took place back in 2006 when Audioslave released  Doesn’t Remind Me. Back when VH1 actually showed music videos, I remember this music video getting lots of airtime on their Top 20 Countdown. I became captivated with the song, I had never listened to such a unique yet captivating vocals like his before. Looking back, I loved the grungy sound his vocals possessed; it would a few months before I went through my obligated grunge phase in high school. Around this time I started becoming exposed to rock music with Audioslave becoming one of the first modern rock bands I would become a fan of. This band produced one of my favorite rock songs of all times, Like A Stone. This is one of those rare songs that I can listen to hours and never get tired of hearing it. In my opinion it’s one of those perfect rock songs with no flaws that is instantly relatable. One of my biggest regrets is not being able to see him live in concert. I missed my opportunity but at least I’ll always have his music.

Rest in piece Chris Cornell. You will be missed you but never forgotten.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that cause of death was due to suicide.

Goodbye Glendale’s Complex

Earlier today fans of the concert venue Complex received sadden news that the location had closed for good. The venue launched back in 2012 in the city of Glendale off the corner of Colorado and Everett St. The small bar and venue, 200 capacity, effective immediately closed without warning to the surprise of many. At this time there is no explanation as to the reason as to why it closed. On 10:08am on May 15 the venues Facebook page posted the following message:

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Complex in Glendale is now closed. This venue was the fulfillment of our lifelong dream to create a space that gave alternative artists a friendly and accommodating space to present their art, and we will miss all of you so much. A majority of our booked shows will be moving to other venues, and all presale tickets will be valid and honored at the new locations. Please follow and subscribe to our longtime partners Church of the 8th Day, Das Bunker, The Elegy Ensemble, and Floorplan Productions for all of their future endeavors. It has truly been a pleasure to serve you, and we hope to see everyone soon when we manifest into our future form.”

I never had the pleasure of attending any shows at this venue. For those who have, what are some fond memories you had here? Feel free to comment below.

This will be updated as more news comes up.


LA Weekly. May 15, 2017. “Glendale Alternative Music Venue Complex Has Closed” by Andy Hermann.



Panteón Rococó and Antidoping cancel appearance at L.A. Skanking Reggae Fest

Latino ska bands Panteón Rococó and Antidoping were scheduled to perform at the L.A. Skanking Reggae Fest this year. However the day before the festival both bands announced that they were not going to be able to attend due to “difficulties in renewing their visas.”

On Panteón Rococó’s official Facebook page they posted the following message:



“A pesar de las circunstancias, el show debe continuar y se lo debemos a los fans que cada año asisten al Skanking Reggae Fest”, menciona Adrian Gonzalez de iHomi, promotor y fundador del festival y quien anunció oficialmente junto a Goldenvoice que la banda Maskatesta y Raskahuele tomarán el lugar de Panteón Rococó y Antidoping este próximo sábado 11 de Marzo en el Shrine Expo Hall .

Y es que por primera vez en los 20 años de carrera y giras a los EEUU de la banda mexicana, la renovación de las visas de trabajo para ingresar como artista a los EEUU han tomando en esta ocasión más tiempo de lo acostumbrado debido a las nuevas normas migratorias. Este es el caso también de Antidoping, quienes desde la firma de su contrato con el festival, iniciaron el trámite de renovación de visas de artista y siguen pendientes de aprobación.
Maskatesta, una de las bandas mexicanas que gozan de mas popularidad actualmente, se agregan al cartel del festival, asi como el grupo Raskahuele, incluída entre las 10 bandas más talentosas de California en la actualidad, según la publicación Al Borde y quienes se encuentran grabando lo que será el nuevo y esperado álbum del grupo.

Más allá de lamentarse por las noticias, el Festival continuará con el resto de las bandas anunciadas provenientes de Sudamérica, Japón y EEUU que incluye Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Dread Mar I, Los Caligaris, The Slackers, Jackie Mendez y La Banda Skalavera, quienes tienen cita en el histórico Shrine Expo Hall de Los Angeles este próximo Sábado 11 de Marzo.

El creciente y exitoso festival que dio comienzo 7 años atrás con la idea de solidificar la escena de ska Latino en este país ha mostrado que está mas viva que nunca, reflejando la misma diversidad que el género y sus fusiones tiene. A lo largo de las 6 ediciones previas, dozenas de grupos de ska-punk-reggae de diversos países, no solo de Latinoamérica, se han presentado en este popular festival que reunió cerca de 5000 asistentes el pasado año.

Boletos GA en $50.00 están ya a la venta la venta vía , en la taquilla del Shrine Auditorium Expo Hall y en la tienda Bolochos en Los Angeles (303 W. 8th St. Los Angeles Ca. 90014 -Tel. 213 595-5977). Boletos en paquete Experiencia VIP Skallywood estarán disponibles a $100.00

Para próximas noticias y actualizaciones sobre el festival, sigue Skanking Reggae Fest on Facebook


On Skanking Reggae Fest’s official Youtube channel they posted the following video which can be viewed below:


As expected fans were visibly upset about this as many tried selling their tickets to other fans. I’ve seen Panteón Rococó once and can understand the hype in seeing this band. The festival went on as planned though but without these two bands.

If you attended the festival what was your experience? Were you deeply disappointed that these two bands didn’t perform? Feel free to leave to comments below!



The Goodwin Club at House of Blues Anaheim

The Goodwin Club
Skapeche Mode
Jackie Mendez
September 11, 2015
House of Blues, Anaheim


After a 20 year hiatus The Goodwin Club reunited to bring a memorable night filled with ska music. Received a pair of free tickets by messaging the band’s Instagram page. The tickets were mailed which also included stickers and a postcard featuring the band. Gearing up for the day of the concert my partner and I arrived early to obtain a great view of the concert.

Opening up the night was the incredible Skadonna. Blending classic Madonna hits with a ska vibe the band did well in emulating an amusing though a bit campy Madonna performance. The campy nature of the performance created a lively throwback 80’s atmosphere. With the exception of the drummer, all the male members on stage wore black suits appearing professional. The lead singer wore this colorful jacket that was reminiscent of 80’s fashion, but she also wore a black outfit underneath matching the other band members. The lead singer brought out her inner Madonna as she danced on stage. Not being the biggest Madonna fan I only recognized the La Isla Bonita and Material Girl numbers that played. My partner on the other hand instantly recognized all the songs which resulted in sheer excitement of singing along with every song. Regardless of the number of Madonna songs I recognized the enjoyment I received from listening to the band was not reflected in this fact. This band was the closest that one will ever get in seeing Madonna  performing ska versions of her classic hits.

After that electrifying performance next up on stage was Jackie Mendez. Her blend of ska music meshed with the other bands but she had her own twist that made her music unique. The twist in her music was the soulfulness she added in every song. You could tell that she was pouring her heart in every song that she blasted from the stage. The dress she had on stage reminded me of the rockabilly look which made her stand out. Her soulful voice was pleasant to hear wishing that her performance was a bit longer.

Bursting into the scene with strong energy was Skapeche Mode. The combination of Depeche Mode songs sung in ska sounded like an odd mixture but in the end proved to be a hit. On the left of the stage of the stage the members of the band wore dark clothing while the horn section members on the right of the stage wore white with small angel wings. The band turned out to be one of the livest, energetic performers I’ve had the pleasure to view. Of all the members on stage the lead singer and the trombone player were the livest ones of all. They were jumping around, singing at the top of their lungs, but most importantly were having the time of their lives on stage. With the introduction of every song they would go into high gear pumping their fists in the air as they started another powerful performance. From start to finish these guys level of energy never let down, if they were tired one would not know.

After a long awaited hiatus The Goodwin Club made their long awaited comeback. The bands appeared all wearing hilarious Halloween costumes; Mario and Luigi, a long haired green suit jogger, the Red Power Ranger, a cow, and a sailor among others. The band appeared on stage with their costumes and from the start started jamming to the excitement of the anticipating crowd. Starting things off was their performance of Mint Chip which at the beginning consisted of the female singer throwing beach balls to the crowd and using a bubble machine gun. As the vocal part of the song came up the Red Power Ranger member took of his mask revealing himself to be the male lead singer of the band. From there the fun time continued for the rest of the night. Not that surprisingly there was a special appearance from The MC Bat Commander the lead singer of The Aquabats who joined the band on stage to perform Safety First. For All That I Gave the lead singer of Skapeche Mode, Skrince, joined the band onstage getting everyone pumped up. Their performance from beginning to end was a good feel, fun performance. Throughout the performance there was beach balls bouncing around and bubbles floating in the air. Though the performance was quite short, only 8 songs, the band gave it their all in every song. For the last song it seemed that everybody was joining in the band on the fun. The MC Bat Commander and trombone player from Skapeche Mode joined in on during Turkey Tit. As the song came to an end the female singer of the band started throwing the dum dum lollipops to the crowd; I was able to catch one midair! As the song came to an end confetti rained down from above signaling the end of an amazing night of ska music. As the band members left the stage one of them started taking pieces of a trombone apart and throwing them to the crowd. Never have I have seen anything like that, but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the audience members fighting to get a piece of the trombone. Overall this was a fun night with memorable performances from four different bands. Though The Goodwin Clubs setlist was short, the band threw one amazing performance for not playing together for over 20 years. Overall I enjoyed myself and hope to see The Goodwin Club again in the near future.

The Goodwin Club Selist
1. Mint Chip
2. Little Girl
3. Monster Fish
4. All That I Gave
5. Everything
6. Hawaiian Summer
7. Safety First
8. Turkey Tit

Trivial Notes

  • 6th show at the House of Blues, Anaheim.

Hooray For Our Side, The B Sharps, Page 8, Static Fiction, Gone Avery, and Lost In Atlantis at House of Blues Anaheim

Hooray For Our Side
The B Sharps
Page 8
Static Fiction
Gone Avery
Lost in Atlantis
August 30, 2015
House of Blues, Anaheim


For this concert I was notified through Facebook that this was going to be a free concert. Having nothing better to do I decided to attend the show with my sweetheart. We arrived just as the first band was finishing playing. We only saw Lost in Atlantis, Gone Avery, Static Fiction, and Page 8 that night. For some reason this night is a blur to me that I can’t remember it that well at all. I do remember that we saw Lost in Atlantis for a few minutes which I enjoyed. The band that I enjoyed the most in terms of style was Gone Avery who played music more in my style. During most of the concert I was talking to my partner and were just enjoying ourselves. The stand out performance of the night was the cover of Shut Up and Dance With Me. It was the only song that me and my partner recognized  and we had fun dancing along. However as the time went on we got tired of standing around,especially my partner. I myself was starting to get hungry as I skipped out on lunch and needed to eat something. Mostly because of that we left before all of the bands performed for the concert. Regardless of that, we both had fun and the ska music was entertaining. I learned about all of these six bands through this concert and had a blast with my boo so it was fun concert. I do wish that I had a better memory of this show though.

Hooray For Our Side Setlist
1. Find Your Sound
2. Valerie
3. Alive, Aligned
4. Plastic Knives
5. Way Out
6. Wasted/Back To Life
7. Don’t Panic
8. Looking Up
9. Little Windows
10. Sympathetic
11. Come and Get Your Love
12. This Planet Needs A Hero
13. Outatime

Trivial Notes

  • 5th concert at the House of Blues, Anaheim.
  • First concert that I left before seeing the main band.

Never Shout Never at House of Blues Anaheim

Never Shout Never
Metro Station
Jule Vera
January 20, 2016
House of Blues, Anaheim


Never expected to see this band, but never say never (had to do it). Learned 5 hours before doors opened that I won an Instagram contest to see them. Being in the Santa Ana for work, it worked out perfectly in my schedule. After work I arrived around 8:00 pm missing the performances of both Waterparks and Jule Vera. I did however catch the last few minutes of Metro Station who gave an entertaining performance. Their performance of Shake It happened to be the most memorable of the entire night. The audience’s enthusiasm was the highest at that performance as everybody in the venue was pumped up. The lead singer’s charisma pumped up the crowd getting everybody moving around. Soon the band left the stage as laughter and chatter filled the area.

After sometime the main band of the night hit the stage. Unfortunately they did not catch my interest, but then again wasn’t expecting them to. The only time I remotely paid attention was when they did a cover song from The White Stripes. The audience was going crazy of the band but I couldn’t figure why. The lead singer throughout the band’s performance wore a grey hoodie which seemed so odd to me considering that it was hot inside. One interesting tibbit was that Yahoo! was streaming the whole performance on their website. The opening song Piggy Bank got the whole crowd excited, while for the second song California had everyone singing along. In between every song performance there was always a woman from the crowd yelling at the top of their lungs “I Love You!” The atmosphere turned somber with On The Brightside and Black Cat but kicked things up with Seven Army Nation. In the middle of the latter song a guy wearing the black cat mascot costume appeared on stage playing guitar. That was mildly amusing as it was totally unexpected.  For me the next few songs didn’t seem that memorable, sounded like typical pop rock songs. The corny jokes in between songs seemed too force to be funny at all. The next song that caught a bit of my interest was the cover of Imagine which was OK to say the most. During the middle of the performance of Sweet Perfection was when I decided to call it a night.

Never Shout Never Setlist
1. Piggy Bank
2. California
3. Trouble
4. On The Brightside
5. Black Cat
6. Seven Nation Army
7. Coffee and Cigarettes
8. Red Balloon
9. Imagine
10. Sweet Perfection
11. I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know
12. Ladybug
13. Lost At Sea
14. Time Travel

Metro Station Setlist
1. Control
2. She Likes Girls
3. Kelsey
4. Seventeen Forever
5. Love & Wat
6. Married in Vegas
7. Shake It
8. Getting Over You

Trivial Notes

  • 18th concert at the House of Blues, Anaheim.